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Project UnDiva: Vocaloid Battle Royale (or perhaps Vocaloid Kinetic Effects?) is a fictitious video game incorporating elements of the arcade games Elevator Action Returns[1] and The Outfoxies[2]. In each level, the player character fights his/her way through a building with many elevators (à la Elevator Action Returns) to find the enemy and then duke it out (à la The Outfoxies).

(Why "Project UnDiva"? It has to do with a real video game based on Vocaloid[3]. Note that the content of this idea is completely unrelated to that Project Diva, though.)

(How do we reconcile this with Joe9320's idea of "love androids"? Mention something about yandere[4] tendencies perhaps?)

Don't worry; I'm not asking anyone to actually develop such a game. Mockup screenshots are fine — ask for help on UN:PIC if needed.

Character notes[edit]

Kagamime Rin and Len[edit]

Compare Danny and Demi from The Outfoxies[5].

Megurine Luka[edit]

Edie Burret from Elevator Action Returns looks a bit like Megurine Luka. See the intro screenshots from Hardcore Gaming 101[1], and also this oneclick on "wallpaper".

The Master[edit]

The "Master" represents a user of the Vocaloid software. He is the final boss of this game. His appearance should perhaps resemble that of Professor Ching or Bernard White from The Outfoxies. (Neither of those characters is the final boss of The Outfoxies, but the real final boss doesn't look so cool.)

In the game's intro, the playable characters receive letters from the Master, stating essentially, "I have kidnapped Hatsune Miku. Oh BTW, your friends are now out to kill you. Let's see you solve both problems. Good luck." (Obviously, this means that Hatsune Miku is not a playable character. Perhaps this plot is a desperate attempt to salvage the reputation of the "New Miku" characters or to sabotage the upcoming official English Miku?)

One well-known reference to the Master is in KAITO ga UNINSTALL. TODO: Kaito should also be a playable character — make a section for him here.