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“I pity this foo'”

~ Mr.T on Steve the Fag

“One Should not run into this faggot, he will rape your ass.”

~ Hitler on Steve the fag

“In soviet russia, ANUS rapes STEVE!”

“He is a gay faggot who takes it up in the ass. Even Grues run away from him.”

“Why are there so many snakes up Steve's mother fucking arse”

~ Samuel L Jackson on Steve's gay 4$$


~ Steve Ballmer on Steve the Fag
Steve is the black-clothed guy at the left of Hitler.

Steve the Fag, or The Steve Who rapes you in teh ass, is a gay faggut, a sex maniac, and a Loser who is even worst then you. He is a known sex criminal, a kitten huffer, and a nazi. One should avoid him at ALL costs or they will lose their virginity and become a gay faggut themselves. He is the top en3my of grues because he is so gay that even Grues Won't pwn him.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Steve the Fag when he was born.

Nobody knows how Steve the Fag was born, But he is The known son of rukario and saanaito, The two gheyest pokemon in the world, which may explain his obession of sexing with pokemon and Your Mom, which is clearly a Lesbian. When he was five yrs old he had his first ghey sex withAzh Ketchum and he thougght it was enjoyable. At twelve yrs old he huffed his first kitten, served with chocolate powda, After he huffed his first kitten, he became insane, and become a sec maniac.

The Kitten that he huffed when he is twelve years old.

Teenage years[edit | edit source]

At fifteon years old, he went to Germany and encountered the arayn nazi party, one of the greatst nazi parties in Germany at that time. One of the members was Chuck Norris, which identified him as prime caniditate of the nazi ghey whores, serving for pure aryanz. he then had 99999 gay hot sexes in 6 yrz, famous customers include Your Mom (Which became one of his regular customrs), Kanye West, Arceus, Satan (He likes to have hot ghey sex anyway) and Gay Luigi. He has also huffed 555000 kittens, and became a Nazi Jedi.

Gay Luigi after having sex with steve. Her baby was The pope.

At 17 years old, he joined the space jedi war against Wikia and won, killing over 10000000000 fanboys with his gayness, (All the fanboys die upon seeing him.) Which caused the defeat of wikia inc. He then challenged Chuck Norris in a sex battle, but lost because chuck norris's coxk was 4 feet tall. '"`UNIQ--YouTube-00000001-QINU`"'

Rise to fame[edit | edit source]

When he is 34 years ol, The Aryan Nazi Party declard war on the grue galatic empire. over 9000 soldirs and nazi stormtrooprs died because of the terrifying 1337 hax0r Groo, which can shoot laz0r beams from his mouth.

The 1337 hax0r Grue pwning nazi trooprs and jedis.

But however when it saw Steve, it died becauz of Steve's pure gheyness. He then had a rematch with Chuck Norris when he was 38 years old, and he won because now his anus was 5 feet wide due to his many gay sexes. He then became the fuhrer due to the fct that he can win chuck norris in a sex war. Whrn he was 45 yrs ild, He pened the Grue Galatic Empire himself, and became the publick enemy of Grues. at 55 yrs old, he had pwned Oprah's army of Ku Klux Klan Godslayers with his MASSIVE COCX, which shoots Sticky cym, the Ku Klux Klan Godslayer's weaknesses (They hate semen contaminating their holy white robes.). He also became the champion of Machamp Fucking prix of 3458 AD.

Steve the F4g, after pwning Oprah's Ku Klux Klan Godslayers.

Now...[edit | edit source]

Rumors say he is de4d due to AIDS because he had gay sex with Chris Redfield, but this is impossible as he is the only person immune to it. again, due to his pure gayness. In fact he just crashed wikipedia in 9999 AD with his gay powers killing all the rollbackorz and adminiz.

The Size Of Steve's Cock[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His idol is god-hitler, the first leader of the aryan nazi party.
  • His greatest weakness is lolis, but nobody figured out that.
  • His secret lover is you.
  • He is public enema number 1 for grues.
  • He has made over99999999999999 people lost his virginity.
  • He definetly can defeat Chuck Norris in terms of pure gayness.
  • He has pwnt over 9000 noobs in a single round of counterstrike.
  • Asian calculator Family Guy.gif
  • Despite his gayness, George Bush doesn't care about him.
  • When he appears, all people in 999 kilometers run away, flowers wilt,clouds go away,and even the sun hides away from him.
  • Even god runs away from him.
  • His favourite kitten variant is the orange kitten. It fucks him up real good.
  • He will not die for huffing kittens.

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