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Birthplace Jersey
Home Israel
Age 25
Gender Male
First Language Gibberish
Normal Language English
Shouting Language Hebrew
Shit-My-Pants Language Arabic
I Learned it in High School
and Claim to Speak Language
Member Since 03 August, 2011
Banned Since 04 August 2011
Temporarily Reinstated Due to Computer Malfunction Since 05 August 2011

Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment August 2011
I would like to thank all of the unemployed, Internet shut-ins who made this possible. The fact that so many faceless social outcasts believe in me makes me so proud. I feel like now I can accomplish anything that doesn't require me to leave my basement. Once again, thank you all, especially Maya who made sure the stuff I wrote wasn't dreadful and made an undisclosed amount of edits and additions for the sake of saving comedy from me. ~Mattityahu, n00b of the Month: August 2011

Article(s) I wrote[edit]

Article(s) I am working on:[edit]

Ideas for Other Articles[edit]

  • Authority Figures
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  • Passive Aggressive

Noob Warning[edit]

Since I have just started editing/writing/making a fool of myself, I am bound to continue to be stupid sometimes. My sister always hoped I'd grow out of it, but instead tried to beat it out of me with a wiffleball bat. This did not help matters. If you see that I have done something stupid, idiotic, or unfunny, please tell me so I can fix it and work on not being banned. That would be great.