UnNews:Man Wearing Overcoat Exposes Global-Warming Lie

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8 January 2010

Climate deniers computerised approximation of siting

BRISTOL, England -- The popular God-hating Global Warming theory has been dealt a devastating Jesus punch after a gentleman in his forties was spotted wearing an overcoat in Bristol, England. This confirmed upstanding citizen was photographed wearing this cold-protection by local man Brian Spin who used his mobile phone to take the photograph (witchcraft).

"After all the fuss they've been making about the planet supposedly getting warmer, I couldn't believe it. In fact, I said to my wife Val, 'Val, I don't believe it,' and she said to her friend also called Val 'Guess what? Brian saw a man in a coat and he said to me that he couldn't believe it. And I said to him, "no Brian I can't believe it either" she said she didn't believe it'"

Glenn Beck was quick to mount the news horse regaling to his radio audience how he high-fived his own reflection when he saw the picture. "I've seen the photo people, and it's as clear as vodka: A man, on this supposedly overly-toasted planet, protecting himself, apparently, from something liberals claim doesn't exist any more, 'cold'."

Climatologists were quick to refute these accusations, Phil Jones commented, "This is just a complete non-story, the whole thing is laughable, what will these idiots come up with next? There is absolutely no evidence at all that a man was wearing a coat."

Beck was quick to respond to the ney-sayers spouting their ney-say, shouting like mad-man he said, "I personally looked at it with my eyes, people. Unfortunately in this digital age, such images can be deleted by left-wing viruses programmed to be the size of a pin-head, infecting all computers with climate change denying data and changing any occurrence of the number 6000 to 5.5 billion."