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Sunday, January 26, 2020

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FurBallKitty on Those Who Choose to Ignore the Potential Ramifications of Unrestrained Congressional Oversight Activities

THE WORLD WIDE INTERWEB: Just a few days ago, an otherwise unnotable person posted a surprisingly insightful one-line comment on Liberty Eagle Forums, a relatively popular online venue for reasoned and structured discussion of contemporary political issues.

It is true that Liberty Eagle Forums, just like many other websites which provide a means for free expression by private individuals, has had its fair share of heated arguments (if not outright emotional displays) concerning the disparate and frankly controversial viewpoints of its various proponents. Such is the nature of human-to-human interaction. However, one particular posting (by a participant who has chosen to be identified by the unassuming nickname "FurBallKitty") caught just about everybody off-guard for its inherent clearness and sagacity, which successfully elevated the entire train of discourse onto a new plane of mutual respect for those of divergent opinions.


Category: US Politics and Government

FurBallKitty (2020 January 17, UTC 16:37)
Re: Has Congressional oversight gotten just a tad out of hand?

JasonDlerius wrote: ... and I think I have proven my point beyond all reasonable doubt.

go suck a duck yu NAZZI

FurBallKitty's biting yet succinct response to JasonDlerius's evidentially self-serving rhetoric was lauded by almost the entire Liberty Eagle Forums community as a shining example of expressing and compressing one's inner thoughts into a nugget of timeless wisdom rivaling the brilliant penmanship of the Founding Fathers themselves.

According to FarFlungNuggat (a life-time political punster serving as an unbiased moderator for the discussion forum), "the evident allusion to former CBS news-anchor Dan Rather's famous observation (namely, that outward appearances and behaviors can be a valuable indicator for deeper psychological inclinations) demonstrates the writer's uncanny ability to seamlessly integrate purely logical connotations into an almost poetic formulation".

Another respected contributor, StinkyCheese, goes on to say "This also shows that the commentator is intimately familiar with the controversy surrounding former president Bill Clinton's questionable acts of oral copulation with vulnerable White House personnel, and has applied the general principle to the specific situation in a thoroughly convincing manner".

Finally, AnkleBiter37 calls attention to the undisputed fact that "FurBallKitty deftly circumvents the charge of stumbling headlong into Godwin's Law by utilizing unconventional spelling techniques as a satirical riposte to rigid schools of thought perpetrated by dictatorial social systems whilst simultaneously hammering his entire thesis into a memorable deconstruction and reformulation of the subject matter at hand".

This one (and one only) posting by FurBallKitty[1] immediately triggered an avalanche of similar replies, most of which expressed high praise for revitalizing a tedious discussion about a politically-charged subject that would otherwise have winded down without satisfactory resolution if not for this one remarkable piece of eloquent commentary. Indeed, the lofty expression "go suck a duck yu NAZZI" will undoubtedly continue, for many years to come, to illuminate and inspire young people worldwide to carefully frame their arguments with the ultimate goal in mind to appeal to the noblest qualities of humanity.

In the intermediate wake of his selfless contribution to Mankind's endless pursuit of equanimous dialogue, FurBallKitty has officially retired from his user account at Liberty Eagle Forums, partly because there is little left to say that could conceivably eclipse the compelling directive (namely, "go suck a duck") to counter the inherently flawed reasoning of his intellectual opponents, but mostly because he has been offered several lucrative book deals by competing publishers attempting to cash in on FurBallKitty's unanticipated rise to internet fame. The global marketplace of ideas would, no doubt, be all the more mundane and barren for the absence of FurBallKitty's far-reaching insight.

  1. It has been alleged by some critics that FurBallKitty's memorable posting may have been heavily influenced by an early Uncyclopedia article submission, which was later elaborated into a puerile insider joke. However, the unfounded allegations of unoriginality are entirely without merit, you dumbass ducksuckers.