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16 March 2011

The lack of cultural diversity here is inexcusable.

LONDON, England -- The producer of a popular show at ITV Studios has been fired after refusing to present a suitably multicultural image of the Third Reich, leading to a public outcry by Daily Mail readers.

TV producer Harrison Bergeron has been suspended from his post today, pending an enquiry into his remark that the show, named MitSchützStäffel Mürders "Presents an accurate account of the life and times of the political leadership of that era, and that it simply wouldn't work if ethnic minorities were to play the key roles."

The somewhat shocking political drama features an Austrian street-painter who develops a taste for politics, and after a meteoric rise to power eventually aspires to become the leader of the entire world, culminating in a war which costs fifty million lives.

Suspicions were aroused that Mr Bergeron's recruitment of actors for the show might have involved racial discrimination when it was noted that all of the lead roles were to be played by tall, blond, white, blue-eyed caucasians.

"We did originally cast a Romanian actor as der Führer" commented Bergeron, "but we realized that was unworkable, as it would have meant his having to rave and rant on for hours about how he was planning to exterminate himself."

The show is set in Berlin, which Bergeron pointed out is now a thriving, multicultural society. ITV management countered that this makes no odds, and that even if it means 'adjusting' history a little, the show must comply with the demands of political correctness.

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