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A teacher's interpretation of False.

“This sentence is false.”

~ Logic on False

False is minimalist scientists idea created by George Boole in the mid 19th century along with sets, Number Theory, Algebra, and really, really hard sums.

It is not known what sort of researches he exactly did in his laboratory, but Boole ended up creating two very basic ideas, which he named True and False.

True and False are usually considered opposite, since Boole used to say "Tertium non datur" (latin for "a third does not exist") this has come to be known as the Law of excluded Middle.

Skeptics claim that in fact, Boole faked his death and is True and False, for they were all never seen together in the same room by any third party. As already mentioned, neither True nor False were ever seen by anybody alive. However, it is true that False is a true master of disguise.

20th Century Events[edit]

About a century later, a couple of scientists stumbled across Boole's idea of minimalism again. In next to no time, they were fully convinced of the advantage of binary calculations, since this way, there are a mere 100002 different functions with two arguments. Scientists are very lazy, of course; Some of them have pushed the limit even further by switching to the unary number system instead (with 0 possible binary functions).
This event is widely considered as the dawn of the digital era.

Due to increasing laziness, scientists have agreed worldwide to use the numerals 0 (zero) and 1 (one) for False and True, respectively.

In the late 20th century, with the advent of cheap on-line pornography Computers have become universally popular and boffins were quick to take advantage of all the previous false ground work which had been laid down using 0 and 1 in almost all of their calculations.

23 November 2007

A new study has been conducted to see if said study was false. As it turns out, it is, in fact very, very false. Every single thing said in this study is a lie, including this very sentence. It turns out that most people actually think that this study is true, but it isn’t, it's all lies. There have been numerous logged complaints saying that our study is very confusing, however, it is really quite simple.

Warning: Do NOT look at your computer screen!

This study shows that ninety-five percent of people do not like this study, as it is too confusing. The other thirty percent never even finished it, as their brains were too fried from the sheer impossibility of such a study to continue reading it. It is interesting to note that of the larger percentage, seventy-five percent read it twice before deciding to read it again, and on the third time around, they possibly stopped and thought to themselves that this story may actually be true, but it is not, I assure you. Everyone that's anyone knows that this study is false and confusing, and there is no use in arguing about it so just STFU right now.


This study is completely false; therefore, you shouldn’t read it, as your head might explode. Side affects of reading this study may include, but are not limited to; Cancer, Severe Cerebral Hemorrhage, Stroke, Heart Attack, loss of hair or limbs, and, in some cases, a minor cough. Again, it is strongly advised that you do not read this study. If you have already read to this point, please consult your local psychiatrist immediately. There are sure to be health risks involved in reading this study. This study is thus undoubtedly false, and you are being forced to stop reading it right now, as it is ending here.

An example of being false[edit]

  1. Sentence 2 is false.
  2. All false sentence are true.
  3. Hence, Sentence 2 is true.

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