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1 February 2008

Orangutan livers are the sensation of the century.

#uncyclopedia, FREENODE - The term "LOL" was very recently redefined in an official ballot today. Originally, "LOL" stood for "Lots Of Love". However, as the internet evolved, the term was renamed to "Laugh Out Loud". As there was no official definition for "LOL", both terms were frequently confused with each other. But the winning definition, "Licking Orangutans' Livers", has finally settled this argument.

When the submissions were accepted, two people submitted their definitions: rwg submitted "Licking Orangutans' Livers", while GreaseMonkey submitted "Left; Other Left". When the submissions were closed, it was time for the votes to be taken. Once all the votes were taken in, it was revealed that rwg's entry received 2 votes, while GreaseMonkey's entry received only 1 vote.

Reception of this definition change has been mixed, as some enjoy the taste of orangutan livers, and some don't even enjoy the sound of it. But the confusion has been dealt to, and now there is no ambiguity with the term "LOL".

Sources[edit | edit source]

<Bradaphraser> live it large
<Bradaphraser> leak or leave
<GreaseMonkey> *!?=7cd9e6dd@*
<Bradaphraser> lousy ovula lozenge
<GreaseMonkey> *!*@
<Bradaphraser> (sorry, I'm done)
<Boomsta|HW> What?
<Boomsta|HW> ...
<somerandomkid> lilypad llama lovers
<Bradaphraser> I was coming up with alternate uses for lol
<Boomsta|HW> Oooh, fun.
<somerandomkid> oh.. heh.. then i killed it...
<somerandomkid> losers or llamas. i pick llamas.
<Bradaphraser> I dunno
<GreaseMonkey> here, should we find out what lol stands for? i'll bring my bot in to decide...
<Bradaphraser> losers are fun to have around
<@rwg> living orangutan lump
* PieMonkey has joined #uncyclopedia
<Bradaphraser> especially if you tell them you like them
<GreaseMonkey> \acro-start lol
<PieMonkey> Make an acronym for: LOL | 60 seconds to submit | Send your acronyms through private message: /msg PieMonkey \acro Witty acronym here
<PieMonkey> GreaseMonkey has posted.
<PieMonkey> rwg has posted.
<somerandomkid> whoops too slow xD
<PieMonkey> Your acronyms - time to vote! | If you don't vote, your acronym is void. | 30 seconds to vote | Vote by number: /msg PieMonkey \acro 42 (for #42)
<PieMonkey> #1: Licking Orangutans' Livers | #2: Left; Other left
* Azzt|MutantFish has joined #uncyclopedia
<PieMonkey> GreaseMonkey has voted.
<GreaseMonkey> remember to vote!
<somerandomkid> left; other lfet =]]]
<PieMonkey> rwg has voted.
<somerandomkid> *left
<GreaseMonkey> type \acro 2
<GreaseMonkey> then
<PieMonkey> Final results:
<PieMonkey>  | <rwg> (#1): 2 | <GreaseMonkey> (#2): 0
<@rwg> \o/
<GreaseMonkey> so lol now officially stands for "Licking Orangutans' Livers"
<GreaseMonkey> lol
<GreaseMonkey> (tasty, too!)
* Ljlego is now known as Lj|Dinner
<Bradaphraser> yum
* Lj|Dinner has quit ("Dinner+lag")
<somerandomkid> ill never look at lol the same way again. =[