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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The hilarious moment when a man talking about something boring like impeachment or government
corruption or something was interrupted by a loveable scene of domestic chaos.

The expert whose young children "videobombed" his interview on the BBC was saying some shit about Korea, apparently.

The viral video of Professor Robert Kelly's appearance on BBC news being interrupted by his unwitting children has been seen by over 20m people, none of whom gave a fuck about the potentially destabilising political crisis he was speaking about.

After the initial surge of popularity of the clip, there came the inevitable social media-driven backlash.

However, in the most 2017 style imaginable, this was not an attack on the lack of interest in the political content of the video, but about the assumptions some viewers made that the woman appearing in the video was the professor's employee.

"Can everybody please stop assuming in the woman in that BBC video is the nanny, she is his wife #stopbeingracist" tweeted Ashitha Nagesh, voicing the opinions of many who felt that such assumptions were essentially the product of internalised racism.

Other users, including Joanna Corey, hit back: "I think the way she skidded into the room, the look of panic on her face, her informal clothing compared to that of the man in the video, and the way she bowed her head to avoid being seen on camera mean it was a rather fair assumption.

"I can honestly say that a white woman dressed and acting the same way would have led me to the same conclusion.


Meanwhile, neither Tweeter could tell UnNews what the original story was, although Nagesh wondered if "the heartless way the father pushes his child's face without even looking at him is somehow a metaphor for US intervention in the Far East."


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