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We here at Uncyclopedia favor two things above all: prettiness, and consistency. Prettiness, of course, is quite important, since we wouldn't be able to pick up other wikis without this quality. Consistency is just as critical, since if we only had a slammin' butt with no rack, it would effectively nullify our aforementioned prettiness.

Recently, there's been a trend of inconsistent vote formatting on voting pages, such as VFH and Writer of the Month. We don't like this, because, not only does it ruin the eloquent prettiness of the vote, but it also makes us annoyed that we have to fix these mistakes. Therefore, we decided to create this guide, so that new voters will no longer be, well, misguided.

To preface, let's mention the major areas of voting: Vote for Deletion, Vote for Pictures, Vote for Humiliation, and the Various Of-the-Month Awards. Each area has a slightly different formatting protocol, so let's break it up based on that:

How to vote on VFH and VFP[edit]

This seems to be the most troublesome area, so let's start here. This is the code for a VFH votebox, complete with example article:

|article=Filial Piety
|scoretext=awesome articles

Since we don't have to worry about nominating, let's skip ahead a little bit. If you want to vote For, place your vote, go over to the line labeled "|for=", and place your vote in there like so:

  • Put the vote on a separate line, to make it look less cluttered.
  • Precede the vote with a number sign (#)
  • Sign the vote with four tildes (this can be quickly accomplished by pressing the "Signature" button on the editing toolbar.
  • Augment the number next to "fornumber" by one. In this case, it will go from 0 to 1.

If you did it right, you'll end up with this:

#'''For'''. This is awesome! I love it! --~~~~

See how to do it? It's quite easy!

And good news: It's the same exact thing for Against votes, too! All you have to do is change the word "for" to "against" in the previous instructions.

Commenting is a little different. You still have to sign your vote, but comments should be preceded by an asterisk (*) instead of a number sign (#). This will create a non-numerical bullet point. If you want to respond to a comment, simply note the number of asterisks that comment has, then increase it by one, to head your comment. Like so:

*Wow, this article truly is awesome! --~~~~
**You have opened my eyes, sir or madame! --~~~~

If you feel the urge to respond to a specific vote, in the For or Against section of the vote box, and not make a general comment, then preface your comment with a number sign and a colon (#:). This way, your comment doesn't break the numbering, nor will it be incorrectly counted as an additional vote. To create multi-tiered replies in this fashion, simply add an additional colon, like this:

#'''For.''' This article changed my life! --~~~~
#:How could you possibly think that??? This is disgusting trash! --~~~~
#::Sir, you forget yourself! --~~~~~
#'''Emphatic For.''' Also, the person above me is gay. --~~~~

Now that you know how to vote on VFH, now would be an excellent time to tell you that VFP follows the same exact format.

tl;dr: Votes take number signs, comments take bullet points. For replies, add additional asterisks or colons. And SIGN EVERYTHING!

Voting on VFD[edit]

As of recent consensus and structural changes and all that nonsense, voting on VFD is formatted identically to voting on VFH or VFP.

Voting on an "Of the Month" award[edit]

This is where things get different. No number signs here, fellas. Sticking to asterisks on these pages is purposeful and necessary. Since there are no specifically divided sections for Fors, Againsts, and Comments, numbering the votes would just be daft. Therefore, treat all votes here as comments, like so:

== {{user|Benson}} ==
*'''Nom + For.''' He's the best noob since Rcmurphy! --~~~~
*'''Against!''' I will sooner eat my own hat than vote for this buffoon. --~~~~
*'''For.''' I really like what he's done with [[Fisher price]] --~~~~
**You're gay. --~~~~
*'''Comment:''' No comment. --~~~~

Voting against on Of the Month awards is frowned upon and, honestly, rather useless. You could still do it, but you will feel the full force of their frowns, so you might as well just vote for a better candidate instead.

Voting templates[edit]

See Category:Voting templates

And that's it! Now that you know how to correctly structure your votes, GO FREAKING VOTE ALREADY!