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This Old Taxi Driver is an American half-hour automobile restoration show premiered on PBS in 1976. The show was produced by New York's PBS affiliate WNET, and was hosted by actor Robert De Niro, and actress Jodie Foster. The show featured renovations on a taxi cab in New York City, with master carpenter Martin Scorsese, general contractor Albert Brooks, and passenger expert Cybill Shepherd. The show's theme song is "Louisiana Fairy Tale" by Fats Waller, and was made possible by a grant from Checker Motors Corporation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Public Television Stations.


Each show begins with DeNiro and Foster welcoming the viewers to the show. After that, a title card appears. DeNiro interviews people to talk about, while Foster did the same thing. At the end of each episode, DeNiro and Foster say goodbye to the viewers, and a title card appears.

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