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He has OCD.

Oh no! It looks like someone has been murdered. Coincidentally, they were murdered in circumstances related to something feared by the typical OCD patient. Again, coincidentally, the detective on the case is OCD-ridden Mr. Monk. He and his flippant assistant[1] are here to save the day!

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Get ready for the yellow tape and siren noises. The tough-guy boss with a heart as soft as warm chocolate is on the scene, mercilessly taunting his client Mr. Monk. Meanwhile, randy Randy, the flamboyant police assistant, has his shirt off.[2] Monk's assistant is complaining about having something important to do relating to her children or love life, but shuts up[3] when Monk does something adorable.[4] Suddenly, Mr. Monk notices a clue surprisingly planted in such a way that only an OCD patient would notice.[5] The chase is on![6]

On the Case[edit | edit source]

To provide the necessary conflict, Mr. Monk will most likely be competing with his fay alter-ego, interacting with his heartbreaking brother,[7] be in the process of being rejecting from the police force yet again, or run into a situation resembling his wife's death.[8] His assistant will look on in amazement[9] as Monk pieces together clues that conveniently lead to the directly to the murderer every time by way of a red herring. But wait![10]

Climax[edit | edit source]

Haha, let's all laugh at the mentally sick patient as he is put into torturous situations for him, like dealing with dentists, snakes, garbage, nudists, or being buried alive.[11] Isn't it hysterical? Only Monk's courageous heart saves the day, followed by a mandatory 5 minutes of hyperventilating while his assistant congratulates him for a job well done.[12] Meanwhile, Monk lusts after her because of her motherly qualities.[13]

Ending[edit | edit source]

In a tear-jerker of an ending, everyone gets to be happy, even the families of the victims who got revenge, except for Mr. Monk, who tries not to cry while he thinks of his dead wife.[14] Again.[15] Even though she died ten years ago[16] The camera pulls out as the sun sets.[17]

References[edit | edit source]

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