Spongebob Squarepants Vs. Invader Zim

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It's the ultimate battle of epic brain proportions.

It is a war that has become legendary in today's culture. It is a war between a funny sponge who lives at the bottom of the sea and an alien INVADER from another planet. It is a war of fear and power, it is a war... between Spongebob Squarepants and Invader Zim.

The Beginning of the War[edit | edit source]

In the War-Room, Zim and his team prepare a plan to stop Spongebob's forces of darkness. Dib only came for the cookies, however.

The war began in 2004, with a creature known as Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob had apparently boosted the channel known as Nickelodeon to fame with his crazy sense of humor. Spongebob was loved by everyone who didn't have a brain or heart and liked by everyone who did have a brain and heart . The war began when the president of the United States grew to love Spongebob so much that he handed all power over to the sea sponge. Spongebob knew nothing about running a country, and so as a result, he abused his power. Under Spongebob, everyone had to wear square pants, the White House was given a new look and became known as the Sponge House, and all shows on T.V. were required to star characters just like him. Many people were angry at these new rules, but those who objected were forced to watch 1000 hours of Spongebob's show (a fate worse than death). The entire United States was in turmoil and someone had to take a stand. Rising from the ashes of cancellation, Zim rose to oppose Spongebob and end this reign of terror. Zim gathered Irkens, Dib, Gir, Gaz, Tak and everyone else he could align himself with to battle Spongebob's forces. Zim also was joined by Al Gore, Megatron, Bill Clinton, Daffy Duck, Samuel L. Jackson, Godzilla, Batman, and General Grievous all of which were willing to stop their corrupt leader and save the world.

Then the war began.....

The Battle of Rhode Island[edit | edit source]

Zim and his forces wasted no time in waging war, as they had a lot of new weapons they wanted to try. They were wondering where to strike first, eventually they decided to wage their first assault on Rhode Island, where Spongebob's General Patrick Star was stationed with his own forces. On October 25th at 8:00 PM, Zim sent Patrick a warning about the attack they were going to wage, because he felt it would give him a worthy battle. Patrick was clueless at what to do as he had no idea what a battle was, so he left his base and walked to Washington D.C. Patrick eventually reached Washington D.C. on July 29, 2005. However when he got to Spongebob's desk, he had forgotten why he came. Patrick then boarded a plane and went back to Rhode Island to check what the message was. But when he got home, he found Zim had already claimed Rhode Island and had made it into his primary base of operations. Soon Patrick was spotted, but he managed to escape by running away crying.

The Invasion of Bikini Bottom[edit | edit source]

A picture of Zim's invasion of Bikini Bottom.

Spongebob did not know about the attack on Rhode Island as one of his policies did away with all newspapers, magazines and news broadcasts. Instead they were all replaced by picture books and Nicktoons. Eventually, an agent picked up Patrick from an animal shelter and brought him before the president. Spongebob then learned about the attack on Rhode Island and didn't know what to do, since he never learned what a war was. Meanwhile Zim's forces had spent the past dozen months researching advanced weapons. They were now constructing giant walkers with laser cannons, and they were almost ready to strike. Using information from the president that Zim found in Patrick's desk, Zim was able to locate Spongebob's home town of Bikini Bottom. Zim then sent a message to Spongebob, forcing the president to think of a way to counter.

While Spongebob was thinking, Zim launched his attack on Bikini Bottom on July 27th at 1:00 AM. He was aided by General Grievous and Godzilla, along with 50,000 Irken soldiers in walkers. They stormed into the town and attacked viciously. Godzilla blasted the many buildings with his atomic breath and Greivious and took everyone prisoner. It's said that they planned to use these prisoners as subjects for their experiments. However, many researchers believe that they were going to pick out the beautiful women for themselves, and put the most fit men to work as slaves. Then they just decided to feed them to Godzilla because he loves the taste of Bikini Bottomites. That and he was hungry. On July 29th, Spongebob finally came up with the perfect plan to defend Bikini Bottom, but he quickly discovered that Zim had already conquered it.

The Second Battle of Bikini Bottom[edit | edit source]

Spongebob feeling good during the second Battle of Bikini Bottom.

Spongebob was at a disadvantage, he had already lost a major base and his home town. He became upset because his secret stash of kittens was eaten by a giant radioactive dinosaur and are still being digested. Then he got a call from General Plankton who told Spongebob a secret that he never knew about before: as the president he had every single military officer in America at his disposal. Spongebob then asked Plankton to lead these men for him and take back Bikini Bottom. Plankton obeyed and led a huge squadren of under sea warriors against Zim's forces. They began their attack on August 1st at 10:00 PM. The attack began when they left a Trojan Pizza and Piggy at the front gate of Bikini Bottom, it was then taken in by Gir. At 12:00 AM, Plankton's forces deployed from the piggy's nose and released the prisoners, then the fighting began. The attack came completely by surprise and Zim's forces were unprepared. Zim and his men scurried for their own walkers, but found that Plankton's troops had already captured them.

Zim's forces were greatly reduced and the survivors were forced to withdraw...

The Battle of Texas[edit | edit source]

Last photo of General Grievous before the attack.

Zim knew he was screwed with losing the battle of Bikini Bottom, so he made a drastic move. He decided to attack Spongebob's General of the Armies, Sandy Cheeks, in her home base in Texas. The attack was led by Al Gore and General Grievous, they attacked at high noon. They sent a squadron of soldiers bearing explosive walnuts to stun the guards surrounding the base and then went on the attack. Everything was going smoothly. The Ikren/ human/ celeb army had almost taken over the base. That is until Sandy appeared in her exosuit cargo-loader and screeched, “COOOOME ONNNNN!!" During the battle, she flung soldiers around like rotten chestnuts. She put her 500 pound metal foot upon their screaming heads. Some say she kept some alive, to later torment them… just to hear them scream. Her battle suit proved invincible as soldiers tried to bring her down, but she didn’t stop there. She hung soldiers (who were still clinging to life) up around the base like Christmas lights. She did this for all her enemies to see as hawks and other birds peck his victims to death. 507 people died that day and one of those who were slaughtered was confirmed to be General Grievous. They say that his last words were, “Get off me, you rabid chipmunk !” He was later ressurected as the referee in Freddy v.s. Jason. Zim was allowed to retrieve the bodies for a proper burial.

The Assault on Planet Irk[edit | edit source]

Al Gore and Megatron put an end to Squidward high above the earth.

With the loss of General Grevious and all of his trained soldiers, Zim was at a disadvantage. He now was missing his greatest General and all the troops he had left were still being trained... by Lt. Gir. Zim knew there would be problems as Gir could not train troops to do anything useful (except order pizza at a good deal). Zim's forces fled to the planet Irk, but Spongebob decided to be a crap and sent forces to attack the planet. Planet Irk soon came under attack by Squidward and his large army of horrible art. Zim's forces fought valiantly, but the art put them at a disadvantage since it was so horrible to look at. Squidward came in contact with General Megatron and fought him using his horrible notes of music that were dispensed from his mighty clarinet. Megatron was at a disadvantage and at the sound of the horrible music, many of his systems crashed and he was filled with a computer virus. Megatron would have been lost, until Al Gore showed up. Both Generals suffered at the sound of Squidward's horrible music, but Megatron transformed into a gun and landed in Al Gore's hands. Al Gore then shot Squidward and thus ended his horrible power. With their master defeated, the art all withered away into nothingness. But despite Gore and Megatron's efforts, most of the planet had been lost, and Godzilla was badly hurt. Zim then got mad and took all of his injured Generals, untrained troops and damaged ships to earth for a final stand off with Spongebob.

The Mighty Battle of Bikini Bottom[edit | edit source]

Zim and his forces then made yet another attack on Spongbob's central base in Bikini Bottom. This time security was tighter after the last battle. Zim would have lost, but fortunately he had Al Gore and his knowledge of Global Warming. Zim and his forces used Gore's knowledge to melt a glacier and cause the ocean to fill with more water. This caused the water pressure to increase around Bikini Bottom and severlly weakened it for invasion. Zim, Samurai Jack, Daffy Duck, Godzilla and Samuel L. Jackson all led forces into the base, this time they weren't taking any chances and killed everyone they got their hands on. Daffy ran all around the town blowing up buildings cars anything in his way while, screaming. They even killed victims who were already dead. Needless to say, the residents of Bikini Bottom had a really bad day.

However, Zim and his company ran into a problem when the mad Mr. Krabs attacked them with his big claws of doom. Zim, his men and his Generals all fought with Krabs, but they were at a disadvantage after Mr. Krabs split Lt. Dib in half. This actually made Zim happy since he knew that Dib was plotting to brutally murder him after the war was over. Then Krabs attacked Zim, forcing him to end his happy thought for the day. This would have been the end of Zim, but Samuel L. Jackson used the force to push a dollar bill in front of Krabs, Krabs then accidently snipped it in half and freaked out at the loss of his precious dollar. This gave Zim enough time to activate his last explosive walnut and shove it into Krab's mouth. With the mighty beast destroyed, Zim then contacted Spongebob on his computer screen. Zim then explained what happend and then started to taunt Spongbob with some in your face insults, followed by some advance mooning.

Major Battle Within Washington D.C.[edit | edit source]

Spongebob was really mad about being mooned. He asked Osama Bin Laden to join his team and destroy Zim and his gang. He accepted under one condition: he wanted Spongebob to give him a lifetime supply of beer, to which Spongebob agreed. Next he sent Zim a threat, he told Zim to wait in Bikini Bottom, so that his forces could then plow him into the ground. Naturally Zim wasn't going to listen to anything Spongebob said, so he called a meeting with his Generals. They decided that the only way to end this was to eliminate Spongebob permanantly. So they decided to wage a final battle and end this war forever. They all worked out a plan and on August 14, 2005 at 11:00 am, they made their final attack on Spongebob's forces. They launched their attack in Washington D.C., right in front of the Sponge House. This way they could defeat Spongebob's forces right in front of him and then moon him again before killing him. Godzilla, Megatron, and Samuel L. Jackson led the attack on the Sponge House and intercepted the forces that Spongbob deployed to defend his fortress. However, Spongebob did not realize that Zim was with Bill Clinton and Al Gore, attempting to sneak into the back of the Sponge House. They snuck into the the backyard and soon were attacked by Spongebob's guard snail, Gary.

Meanwhile on the battlefield, Godzilla, Megatron, and Jackson fought off the enemy forces. However they soon encountered General Plankton and General Bin Laden and they told them some historic words that many people have tried to figure out even today. Jackson then drew his Jacksonsaber, but he soon discovered that Plankton had one too. Then the three of them faced off Bin Laden, who appeared in a giant robot battlesuit much like sandy's(only way bigger and more powerful) Elsewhere, Spongbob's forces were starting to yield to the constant attacks from Zim's soldiers, until General Sandy Cheeks returned to cause the enemies more pain. However, she was intercepted by Lt. Gaz, an officer who wanted revenge after Sandy killed the man of her dreams, General Grievous. The two of them fought in the most historic and violent cat fight of all time. They rolled around, biting and hitting each other. Gaz was able to use her incredible strength to smash a hole in Sandy's powerful armor, unfortunately Sandy's strength was enhanced by her suit and she was able to break through Gaz's armor too. The two of them fought harder and harder, ripping off more and more chunks of each other's armor. All the troops halted their fighting to watch the two of them (and they really enjoyed it).

Clinton and Gore launch Dack the Giant Donkey at Gary.

Behind the Sponge House, Clinton was helping Zim sneak in while Gore held off Gary with one of his documentaries. Since Clinton had been president once, he knew where all the secret entrances and exits were. Clinton showed Zim a secret door he had installed himself so he could sneak out and go to night clubs. Clinton then wished Zim good luck and threw him through the door. He then drew his special presidential gun and joined Gore in a battle against the evil snail, saying "this is just like old times." The two of them fought the mighty snail in a long battle, despite Gary's small size, he was swift and a tough biter. The battle was long and difficult, but in the end... it was Gary who gained the upper hand. In a desperate attempt to win, Gore and Clinton used the power of the Democrats and summoned Dack the Giant Donkey. Dack then charged at Gary and knocked him high into the air until he was out of sight. It is unknown where exactly Gary landed, but there have been some rumors of a strange, swift snail in Scotland.

It was in that moment, when all hope seemed lost... Patrick realized he was officially screwed.

Meanwhile, Megatron tried desperately to eliminate Patrick with his powerful cannon, but Patrick's large amount of blubber, the shots were all deflected back on Megatron. Megatron was gunned down by his own blasts and he fell to the ground injured. Patrick then stuck a special gadget onto Megatron that filled all his systems with a powerful computer virus. However, Patrick did not know that Megatron had already received a virus from his battle with Squidward and thus the two viruses canceled each other out and created a vaccine. The vaccine flowed through Megatron's systems and completely cleaned his systems of all viruses, thus transforming him into Galvatron. With his new power, Galvatron blasted Patrick into oblivion within a matter of seconds. Galvatron then reloaded his new cannon and turned it on some unlucky troops.

Samuel L. Jackson meanwhile continued his battle with General Plankton. Plankton was very small, but very skilled at wielding a saber. Despite his best efforts, Jackson was defeated by the tiny Plankton. Plankton was overjoyed with his victory, but he was so busy gloating that he failed to notice Galvatron's colossal foot above his head. Nobody knows what exactly happened next, except for the fact that Jackson was very happy. All that was left was general Bin Laden, who was kicking Godzilla's butt. But Galvatron camed and lended Godzilla a helping. Then, Godzilla and Galvatron both beat the living crap outta Osama. Elsewhere, Gaz and Sandy were continuing their very long and very popular cat fight, as more and more pieces of their battle armor came off. Sandy was still holding strong and Gaz was weakening. The two of them both launched a powerful punch at each other, but Gaz was too weak to finish her attack and was knocked aside. Sandy moved in to finish her... until she saw a walnut that Gaz dropped. As a squirrel, Sandy's instincts forced her to go for the walnut, but then she saw that it was a ticking bomb... it went off in her face. The soldiers then went back to killing one another.

After their enemies had been defeated, all the Generals met up and gathered their troops for a final attack. But Spongebob's troops also gathered together to block their way. The Generals then saw that it was actually their forces that lost more men while Spongebob's forces only lost a handful. As the troops prepared to charge, the Generals knew that they were screwed. This would have been the end for them, until Gir came in with his huge armada of ariel attack piggies. Gir and his armada bombed Spongebob's forces with their explosive droppings. Spongebob's forces were quickly depleted, giving Zim's forces the victory of the battle.

The Final Battle in the Sponge House[edit | edit source]

A picture from Zim's battle with Spongebob.

Spongebob was greatly upset about what he saw, everything he had worked so hard on was now being lost. He was moping at the window when Zim burst in through an air vent. Zim and Spongebob then exchanged views about each other before Spongebob pulled a gun that he was hiding under his desk. Zim pulled a laser gun from his pack and the two fought in gun battle in the Sponge House. The fight eventually led out of the office and into the halls, where the two of them blew many holes in the walls and causing all the staff to make a run for it (but they were gunned down before they could reach the exit). The fight then led to the hall of presidents, where Zim and Spongebob both blew many holes in the portraits of the former presidents. The two of them fought all around the Sponge House, destroying everything around them. Eventually, they both disarmed each other and then engaged in hand to hand combat; Zim managed to defeat Spongebob. However before he could make the final blow, Spongebob threw a statue in his eyes (causing Zim to swear at an uncontrollable rate) and grabbed his gun. Spongebob opened fire on Zim again, this time shooting him in the arm (Zim swore at an even more uncontrollable rate). Spongebob managed to take shelter behind a couch, but Zim then fired into the couch (narrowly missing Spongebob). Then Zim jumped behind the couch and quickly grabbed his laser gun, then he quickly shot SpongeBob directly in the forehead. Zim then hurled SpongeBobs's body out the window and it landed in front of the all the troops outside, Zim then told everyone "I have slain the evil one." Then the Sponge house fell on Zim` head.

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

Zim as President of the United States.

A week later, Zim was found under the rubble. With the fall of Spongebob, Zim was then made the new president and did away with all of Spongebob's foolish rules. Under Zim's rule, the Sponge House was rebuilt as the Green House (in honor of Zim's green skin). Zim created a brand new set of rules, and changed the national anthem to "Bow Down Before the Power of Santa." Gir was made the vice president and the Irkens were made the official soldiers of the USA. With the Irkens advance technology and massive amount of powerful weapons, world peace was soon achieved. Samuel L. Jackson got a major boost on his action movie career and Galvatron went back to his home planet (and conquered it). Godzilla returned to destroying Tokyo. On some occasions Zim would pay Godzilla $100 to rampage through the now rebuilt Bikini Bottom so that Zim could look at his accomplishments and laugh whenever he was bored. The newly ressurected Grievous became the new CEO of the WWE. Everyone else pretty much stayed where they were. Overall, the world became a better place...

... but then Zim's presidential term ended.

Zim ponders at the 2012 presidential debate

The Election[edit | edit source]

Zim was then blackmailed into running for president against the Brain a white and somewhat retarded mouse (excuse me, RAT). Gir was then dispatched by Zim to spy on his nemesis. Gir found out several compromising and somewhat embarressing things about Zim's electorial opponenet. But Gir forgot these details that could have won Zim the election when he was bribed with discount pizza. This proceded to piss Zim off and he sent Gir to the dungeons to think about his actions (bad Gir bad). the Brain then hired Yoshi the dragon/turtle/thing to spy on Zim.

A picture of Dipper taking a selfie in the nuclear war that Zim was waging with Brain.

(Seriously you think they would be more mature than this). Zim got really angry and decided to wage a nucleur war on the Brain which destroyed several countries that we are better off without (cough,cough,canada,cough,cough) Neither opponent was killed and they decided to take a break. Zim finally let Gir outof the dungeons. He was half starved and very veRY VERY VERY angry. Gir hid his anger though and proceded to plot Zim's defeat and eventual assanation. But he forgot about it when Zim ordered pizza.

The Return of SpongeBob[edit | edit source]

the Brain found Spongebob's corpse in the White House and used his amazing intellect and advanced technology to bring Spongebob back to life. Spongebob's first words were "I'M COMING FOR YOU ZIM!!!!" The Brain found out that Spongebob had a grudge (not the creepy asian girl who breaks into peoples houses and takes their cats) against Zim and tried to bring Spongebob over to his side but Spongebob was not swayed(He wanted to kill Zim his way). the Brain sent Yoshi after SpongeBob because he refused to cooperate with him. Yoshi found SpongeBob alone in the Oval Office and was going to kill him but SpongeBob spotted him and another nucleur war was started (by this time people in the world are starting to look like.....hold on, let me find a pic...). Zim starting to wonder why Gir was angry and how SpongeBob got ressurected and how he was even smart enough to start a nucleur war when he found out SpongeBob's entire plot to kill him and take over. He also found out that the pizza he fed to Gir made him stupider than before. He was about to apologize at Gir when SpongeBob attacked him. He found out Gir was manipulated to go to SpongeBob's side with pizza and he started a nucleur war. This pissed Zim off and he declared war on SpongeBob. Yoshi was sick of the Brain's treatment and joined SpongeBob's side. Meanwhile,the Neanderthal staff of Nickolodeon had brought back Zim and Spongebob`s Generals and armies.They got them drunk,told them what happend,and watched them go back to their leaders.Spongebob and Zim decided to take each other out.Gir and his army of piggies went to join Zim. SpongeBob,Zim,the Brain,and their armies all met each other on a windswept field on August 30, 2010 for the final showdown.....to be continued... right now.

Pinky, the stupid friend of the Brain, came out of nowhere on a nuke, trying to help Brain. Unfortunetly, Pinky had no idea how to fly a nuke so he crashed it right on yoshi. This caused a disadvantege for SpongeBob. Then SpongeBob pulled out an Uzi, which he rapid fired at Zim. Soon, everybody remeberd there was a war going on and went back to killing each other. Both armies sufferd lots of damages, and Daffy Duck was found with a bullet in his head. Zim realized that he was screwed.So he bought Acme Labs, makeing Pinky and the Brain his prioners. SpongeBob tried to hire Krypto the Furion as to get ailen intellidgence on his side. Krypto agreed, planning to destroy Spongebob after the world to take it over. Spongebob, using the knowledge he got from Krypto,he made his next move.

Then, Zim came out of nowhere and killed Spongebob with a hammer. Krypto then became king of mars in Zim's new reign of awesomeness.