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Castle Made of Sand
The Kingdom of Psychedelia
Pot leaf.gif
Coat of Arms
Motto: Octo Miles Altus
Anthem: Voodoo Chile
Psychedelia map.gif
Largest citySpace City Like A Jewel On Wings
Official language(s)English, The Universal Language of Love
GovernmentMellow Monarchy
National Hero(es)John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan
 of Independence
1967 sovereignty_type = Freaky and Free
ReligionLeague of Spiritual Discovery
Area500, 000 hip miles
Calling code1

The Kingdom of Psychedelia is the name of one of the countries formed following the collapse of the United States of Rock in 1967. Psychedelia is known for its exports of brightly coloured tie-dye products, its pharmaceuticals industry and its advanced space program.

History[edit | edit source]

Psychedelia was one the first Rockian countries to get back on its feet following the great Civil Peace which destroyed the USR. Its first king, Jimi I, established his capital in the former USR capital, Rockandroll, which had been severely damaged when a massive smoke-in got out of hand. Jimi ordered the town leveled and built Lennongrad on it, this city being named after the martyred Psychedelian patriot John Lennon.

His next acts were to establish a space program (see below) and to send Psychedelian troops to the Vietnam War. This later decision was unpopular at the time, but historians believe that this act gave a much needed boost to Psychedelia's protest-song driven economy.

Following King Jimi's death when he overdosed on heroin whilst choking his own vomit in a crashing plane, power passed into the hands of Queen Grace the Slick, who oversaw a massive increase in the size of the space program and resolved a long standing border dispute with Boogiewonderland that, if left unresolved, could have lead to blood on the dance floor. The crack regiments of Boogiewonderland Kung Fu Fighters were withdrawn, and Boogiewonderland president Barry White is said to have repeatedly declared things were now the way he liked it (uh-huh, uh-huh).

Psychedelia has traditionally remained aloof from the international community, being called by many commentators the "Nowhere Man" of world events. But in recent years, King Jim II Morrison has strengthened ties with the world community by sending an ambassador to the UN. The ambassador soon left when he ran out of munchies, but observers are hopeful that Psychedelia's long isolation may be over. P. T. Cruiser lived 2 years in Psychedelia.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The the eastern regions, known as the Strawberry Fields, comprise Psychedelia's agricultural heartland, growing strawberries, apples, electrical bananas, incense, peppermint, tangerine trees, marmalade skies and cellophane flowers of yellow and green that tower over your head. Even though there is a large agricultural area, it yields comparitively little, because nothing is real. the The coast is dotted with ports, from which it's possible to ride upon a steamer to the hard lands of the winter. Newspaper taxi's also frequently dock here. White rabbits and high flyin' birds are a frequent pest; however, they are protected by law.

To the south are the Great Folkrocky Mountains, a breathtaking mountain range inhabited by walrusses and wildcats. The area is dotted with watchtowers built to deal with insurgents from Thislandisyourland.

The western region, known as Electric Ladyland, comprises the industrial zones of Psychedelia and is the hub of the Psychedelian space program. Largely desert, the region is known for its adventure highways, factory girls, sincere monkeys (whom have nothing to hide), and black magic women. Also in this area are Magic Spanish Castles, which are very far away. The estimated travel time is half a day (if you travel by dragonfly).However, frequently these flights are delayed because of the really low skies that overflow with cotton candy.

Space Program[edit | edit source]

Psychedelians are justly proud of their space program, began in earnest when Spaceman David Crosby reached an altitude of eight miles in 1970, in reaction to the discovery of the Dark Star by their satellites.

Tragedy struck years later, when a spacecraft containing the corpses of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens crashed into the sun. The last words of the craft's pilot Paul McCartney, "Here comes the Sun", were made famous by the film Abraxas 13, in which the part of McCartney was played by Ringo Starr.

In spite of this terrible accident, the most recent Psychedelian spacecraft, the Jefferson Starship, was able to make use of its hyperdrive and is now believed to be 2000 light-years from home.

Economy[edit | edit source]

So the thing is... ah... phase 3 is profit.

Conflict With Thislandisyourland[edit | edit source]

Traditionally, Psychedelia has enjoyed good relations with Thislandisyourland. However following the Thislandisyourlandian coup which began the rise to power of the dreaded Doctor Folkenstein, relations have deteriorated. It is believed that Folkenstein is behind the rise of insurgent buskers in the Great Folkrocky Mountains, who have been bumming smokes from the locals, then bogarting the lot. They have also been spreading vibes, which have been described by UN observers as "bad".

So far, Psychedelian response to this has been limited to printing t-shirts bearing comically insulting charactures of Folkenstein, but international experts believe that this may escalate to protest marches at any time.

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