Plants vs Zombies war (Walkthrough)

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This game is just fucking insane. Hundreds of zombies swarm you before the term "strategy" comes in place right from early on in the game, and it is absolutely fucking impossible to complete this game without paying at least 400 USD worth of your sanity. Please, DO NOT download this game or it will drive you insane. I rather you get stuck at the apples from I wanna be the guy then playing this fuckup of the century because IWBTG does not bleed your wallet dry. Goodbye, and i wish you GOOD LUCK.

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Plants vs zombies war is the third main series of Plants vs. Zombies, a former game of popcap, created before it got ate by some epically atrocious video game company. But since the fact is Popcap got eaten by this certain company, you know that this is yet another piece nickel-and-dime faggotry released into the gaming industry. In fact, it is not a nickel-and-dime game; it is a truly gorgeous scam to be unleashed towards the end of gaming. But since some subhuman gheymer would actually want to be scammed, why we won't help them to pay more money only to be scammed? Well, anyways, let's go.

Contents[edit | edit source]