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“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

~ Jebediah Springfield on made up words
Made up words is an evolving language widely spoken among the homeless, mentally ill, and the scientific community.
The common Frenchman frequently speaks in made up words to pick-up women and confuse Americans.
A typical ginger's vocabulary is so large that most people mistake their conversations, commentaries, and ramblings for a "foreign" language.
Linguists don't even know what the hell this is supposed to be, but it inspires them--not unlike a magic orb--to make up words.
Excessive use of making up words has been known to either cause insanity or to cure insanity. Or, vica versa.
Deaf people make up words with their fingers!

A highly flagulous topic, made up words have been in pliage for a number of years, and have been vigorousyellsly debated by linguistic kryninsters everywhere. When exactly they made their entrandlement into the modicivical word system is an epomystery, but there is no doubt that they are firmly imgradled now, and will not be telexiting any time soon. Below is a trilogical dogalog of made-up words, with their heroginations included.

  • 2pacalypse - Wars between people who are left after the apocalypse.
  • 666 - It's a number, and a word!
  • HAHAHAHAAHFILgpgoimki!!! - dying of a simultaneous stroke, heart attack, and lung collapse.
  • 4tificailizzle - It means California.
  • 6izzlemafizzle - What Snoop Dogg sez when really pushed to define his music.
  • a - That's right, 'a' is not a word. The dictionary just says it is, does that make it true, no! Neither is 'I'. They're just letters, for Zeus's sake.
  • Abortifaciality - Abortion via production line.
  • Acid Jazz - Jazz that uses Hydrochloric Acid and Copper Sulphate as Instrument.
  • Adiculous - Something that is ridiculously addictive (i.e. tobacco, liposuction).
  • Agrenunciate - A word made up to see if English teacher had a clue. They don't.
  • Algonquarium - A zoo full of Native Americans.
  • Anaesthetisiium - Freudian slip for "Anus".
  • Ansticatual - A rare friend.
  • Antimacassar - An opponent of the Macassarian regime in Yemen.
  • Asparagusion - Death by asparagus.
  • Ass Jazz - Piss out of the ass!!
  • Ass Jizz - Male ejaculate out of the ass!!
  • Azz Jizz - Usually spoken in a rasp, when two males do it (male on female above).
  • Autopsicution - The act of performing autopsy on living persons.
  • Auxhillary - Part of Senator Clinton's re-election campaign.
  • Baceenenker - A Wanker Bassisr, i.e: Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold
  • Badenture - An adventure usually involving dentists.
  • Ballcock - A tautology.
  • Ballgina - The male equivalent of a vagina; often used for gay sex.
  • Bassinet - An abbreviation of 'basset clarinet'.
  • Belligreen - Archaic term for syphilis.
  • Binomad - A roaming mathematical expression.
  • Bixeryikseritotsereeoterie - *See Sickeldoodleflooferfoofergoodederierbiig.
  • Blibber - A sort of puffy jacket with poppers, made out of whale fat.
  • Blether - Same as above, but for women or girls.
  • Blocquiche - French food (Synonym for "excrement").
  • Bon motte - A good trench.
  • Bonsail - A small, sailing tree.
  • Bronchopneumonia - Pneumonia resulting from excessive intake of pony meat.
  • Bulimial - Political messages subtly propagated through blinis.
  • Caesiumfrankolithicmixialubidiumrixidixidexidoxidroxide - the opposite of "corn syrup".
  • Californication - To perform sexual intercourse before marriage in California. See also Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Calligraph - A graph which shows the intensity of an earthquake judging by how disruptive it is to a team of calligraphers, employed to write all day waiting for earthquakes.
  • Callipygian - Having well-shaped attractive buttocks.
  • Cardboard Tunnel Syndrome - Syndrome in which paranoids believe that the world is made of cardboard whilst on board airplanes.
  • Cenzoiacious - From the Cenozoic era.
  • Chipolatta - Chips with milky coffee.
  • Circumambiance - The general atmosphere at a circumcision.
  • Cockaludicrous - Something so ludicrous that it can instantly give an erection, or make an erection go away.
  • Coddle - Love of fish.
  • Control+Alt+Delete - The answer to all your problems!!
  • Commit - Subdued sickness.
  • Cotchology - Study of laziness by Type-A personality scientists.
  • Contrapcetive - A small trap placed on the female genitalia designed to ensnare potential sexual partners and prevent further penetration. Used by over-protective fathers and Catholics.
  • Cottage Pie - A pie made of bricks. Rather unpleasant to cook or consume.
  • Defraud - To repent for committing an act of fraud.
  • Destrierre - A cut of hat used only in Belize.
  • Disconsolate - An album played too loudly after 11 p.m.
  • Distemperization - A form of exotic jazz practiced by the Avant-Guard of Chicago in the late 1830s.
  • Downtowngown - Suit.
  • Early English - The English Language as practiced by Earls.
  • Effluvium - Someone made rich by their possession of great amounts of mud.
  • Eagalitarianism - Government by Eagles.
  • Electrocute - Sweet little electrical currents.
  • Electromagnate - A businessman with a disproportionately large share of the electricity market; an electricity baron.
  • Erruption - Immoral and unprincipled management of Volcanoes.
  • Eyetooth - Unfortunate disorder in which eyes take the place of teeth and vice versa. See also: Foot and Mouth disease, a similar variant.
  • Extong - Extra Long.
  • Fangorious - The manner in which one is devoured by gelatinous monsters.
  • Finnial - The third movement of Sibelius' twelfth symphony.
  • Flagg - The only currency with which Cash Flagg Jr. movies may be purchased.
  • Fleedom - Freedom achieved by fleeing (see the French).
  • Frindle - See Pen.
  • Fugly - Someone who is both fun and ugly. See'Tori Spelling'.
  • Geoterrametamorphobia - A long word that makes you sound smart.
  • Gifro- A ginger person with an afro (see Ronald McDonald).
  • Golfish Ball - A hybrid of the fish and the golf ball. So far only an unsuccessful scientific anomalie.
  • Gramminivorous - Animals that feed only on grammar and syntax.
  • Griffon - A substitute for a shirt and tie, applied with glue - this item of clothing is a cardboard model which, from the front angle, looks identical to a regular shirt and tie, but which from any other angle reveals the wearer's nakedness. So called, because it is "griffed on".
  • Hagtrim - Clothes worn by an old woman: usually bought from Oxfam.
  • Haler - The supplier of halos.
  • Hegemony - The national currency of the Peoples' Republic of Hege.
  • Hermeneutic - A type of crab.
  • Hexadexadecimal - Unreleased Pink Floyd album.
  • Hoboerotic - Erotica consisting of tramps and vagrants.
  • Holophasia - Possible result of Kitten Huffing
  • Hoppohammer - A boardgame played by nerds during a cricket game
  • Hypnognomic - Hypnosis by means of gnomes.
  • IBM - Idiotic, Brainless Monkeys
  • Iceland - A land of ice.
  • Impostultant - Fake consultant.
  • Infarct - The state of being in violation of parking regulations in Washington D.C.
  • Intelligent - It means Stupid & Brainless here.
  • Intinnings - Indoor cricket.
  • Innuendo - A rude games console released in China in 1995 as a competitor to the PlayStation.
  • Konkerman - A person who is clinically insane. Addicted to custard creams.
  • Libellious - The National Enquirer on your nearest supermarket checkout newstand.
  • Monopeia -The view from left field, possibly a myth.
  • Mr. Winkler - A gay english teacher who got some sick.
  • Ocho-Ocho - An individual with rare superpowers of randomness and an uncanny ability to make his girlfriends father cry.
  • Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis - A weird disease that contaminates carcasses, making them asplode while killing everyone in a two kilometers radius.
  • Petrified- When a pet owner makes out with his pet.
  • Pyrophobia - Fear of Pirates, most common among Yankee and Phillies fans.
  • Puffters - Well, it's not in my bloody dictionary!
  • Rhinoplasty - Surgical procedure to alter human DNA to that of an African White Rhino.
  • Scrumtilious - The only adjective that can describe Steven Seagal's acting ability.
  • Scrumtralescent - Describes an incredibly wonderful event, performance, etc.
  • Sex- When the penis gets trapped inside the vagina and cannot get out.
  • Shocktopus - Cross between a shark and an electric octopus.
  • Super-cal a quick version for lazy obese people
  • Tintinnabulation - Full-on smooshage of A-cup boobs.
  • Transinsonographicatable- An area of ocean that cannot be graphed by sonar.
  • Uluguruness - ( Ulu: Like Sakai or Wild Man; Guru: Teacher in Malay) Teacher that don't know how to teach, or teaches like wild animal.
  • Verocious - Another term for vicious.
  • Xyzzy - Nothing happens.
  • Xyzzy(With a Brittish Accent) - Twice as much happens.....Which is still nothing.
  • Zooymama - Holy shi#.
  • Zyzxx Some place in the desert by the I-15 on the way north to Las Vegas.

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