New Australia

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New a'Straiya
South Brent Flag.PNG
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: We're here, we're queer! Get used to it!
Anthem: God Save the King by the Sex Pistols
Australia-New Zealand.JPG
Find new Australia on this map!
Capital Echuca
Official language(s) Polish, Math, Japanese, aboriginal languages, Pig Latin and Chinese
Government Anarchy
‑ President <insert name here> (because we don't have one yet)
National Hero(es) Kevin Rudd, John Brumby, <insert name here>
Established by Gay Aboriginals
circa 38,000BC
by Gays
Currency Yen (Japanese yen used until a new currency, also called Yen, was made)
Religion Homosexuality
Major exports Food, Cars, Koreans, etc.
Major imports Food, Cars, Gays, Water, etc. (can't be bothered)
Gay Capital Mill-dura
Most Backwater City Swan Hill
National Crisis Civil War, Discrimination towards Homosexuals.

“This place is gay!”

New Australia. One of the most boringest places in the world. Created by gay people out of the Murray River basin, they believed they own the Murray-Darling basin when they actually did not own it at all.



It's really simple, stupid. Gay people founded this piece of shit simply because the ChurchChristians killed ten gay people, simply because they're gay. Come on, killing is bad!


Early History[edit]

In 2002, after the killing of ten homosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals, transvesdykes, and bisexuals (and five straight people) settled in Mildura, Echuca and Swan Hill and raised the Rainbow Flag as a symbol of LGBT rights. They called that place "New Australia" or "Gayland". That raised controversy by dioceses around the area, claiming that it is a sin but they are probably hypocrites becdause they are gay themselves. That caused the first civil war and the gays won and had a partition.

Contemporary History[edit]

In the recent years, population of New Australia reached a healthy 100,000. But there are still problems remaining, all because of the crap they had. After the river became dust, another civil war started and eventually, came the rise of the Grues. They have to fight. Finally, the fags won and started rebuilding the society.

Recently, there have been reports of nude activities on Murray Beach. Police have been investigating and found the source: a sod.

Typical Signpost in New Australia

Places to see[edit]

The Murray River[edit]

Well, there is almost nothing in it. Go upstream and there is some water. But you can swim in that crap. I don't want to hear complaints that you got halitosis, m'kay?

Murray Beach[edit]

Home to transvestites, transsexuals and lesbians, this is where sexy lesbos, transvestites and transsexuals hang out every day and night for exercise and showing off.

The Pink Triangle[edit]

Yes, it's in Sydney, but that is partly funded and maintained by the New Australian Government that loves homosexuals. Built in memory of the homosexuals that died for us.

The Rainbow Flagpole[edit]

This one has a Rainbow Flag on it. A tall pole indeed. By night, it becomes a huge pole-dancing pole, where gays pole-dance to entertain sods.

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