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Music radio is a very racist means of playing music to people. Surprisingly, the radio DJs never say the word nigger on the airwaves. It is due to the fact that they fear that they fear that the FCC will revoke their license to broadcast on the airwaves.

Radio tries to get people to slow dance, however it has increased murders in the hood since deceives loved ones into getting murdered. Also, it has increased racism by 105% since 45% of spouses murdered in Detroit are murdered by somebody of another race. Radio receivers in the hood have been sold to poor black people who need an inexpensive source of entertainment, however; the ugly ballads played on the radio have caused so many murders, that it became inevitable that poverty has caused a bomb to explode into the hood murdering so many black people. The MP3 Player was invented as a possible replacement to radio since it is able to play only what people like and so that it could represent how Frank Zappa was suspicious of how music radio became a weapon of mass destruction.



All the slow country songs have caused murders on farmland in Kentuckistan, and Nashville that rednecks need to shoot their trespassers on site. In response, the genre Psychobilly which is a mutated form of country music is not played on the radio, and the genre was devised by Mojo Nixon to put an end to all this mayhem. Unfortunately, too many cowboys got laid, and ended up murdering their female spouses just to bypass child support since they were pregnant as a result of a one night stand that they country ballads bogusly hornified them with. Meanwhile, Duke Nukem developed the game Redneck Rampage to teach murderous rednecks a lesson by stereotyping their culture.


Les B. Ann is heavily derived from Rock and Roll which was started in the 1950s by Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and other innovative musicians. During that time, they tried to make the genre danceable. However, other musicians copied them and started to make a less danceable form of it since too many people were too horny to listen to pure dance music and wanted to slow-dance with loved ones. Meanwhile bad relationships derived from slow-dancing have caused murderous people to reside in the hood, and urban sprawl was deployed in response to the baby boom. Then, during the 1970s, the oil embargo was initiated since too many baby boomers started to own cars and consume more fuel at average resulting in a drastic downfall in fossi fuel, meanwhile as people started listening to ballads on their car radio, highway hypnosis became a rampant problem, so the Pennsylvania road crew invented rumble strips to hype people up and snap out of listening to slow ugly ballads while driving.


As pop music became popular, people started to make songs about people falling in love, and it has caused mass jealousy toward people who feel too insecure to allow their parents to know who they have a crush on, so many of them occused their parents for being racist since they started to think that it reached a magnitude that surpasses the severity of saying the word "nigger" on the airwaves. Since the people who aren't jealous slow-dance to slow shit that is played on hit music radio stations, it causes the jealous ones to think that their parents are even more racist.

Rap and Hip Hop[edit]

Rap and hip hop were initailly devised with style preservation in mind. In the process, lots of hip hop artists have sampled the most danceble funk songs thinking that they would extend the lifetime of the funk genre. However, these musicians were faced with lawsuits as an excuse to make them less danceable which indeed was the result. Also, lots of hip hop songs have been about racism, and have contained hypocrisy from black people since they say the word nigger in their music and to black peers in general despite whites saying it as an excuse to hate them.

Hip hop has also become a pop standard with a subset containing ballads and slow songs which (explained in this article) promote racism, murder, nazism and all that nigger shit that makes life a hellhole. It is just going to be the case that hip hop will be flamed with racist honkies for centuries to come.


R&B (originally known as racism and biasness) was initially developed as a radio format with danceability and airplay in mind. However, violent battles over the genre specification has resulted in the backronyming to "Rhythm and blues". The genre preceded the highly danceable genres that chop fat off listeners in dance clubs of the big city.

The R&B genre as evolved into a multitude of genres, many of them danceable, and many of them wussy and slow. The advent of disco and funk has pave the way to allow discoteques to have music with the highest danceability and eventually new wave and hip hop that samples the genre.

However, peoples' interest in ballads was so strong, that R&B took a wrong direction which eventually resulted in racist hip hop music hence it's originally intended answer to the acronym. However, due to the presistence of ballads and stupid slow shit on the radio, the genre has been backronymed as "Rhymes and Ballads" due to the fact that hip hop ballads are commonly misattributed as R&B despite being to racist and shit to be any reminiscent of blues music which is commonly found on NPR.


Back in the 1920s, jazz pioneers such as Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong were trying to prove that black people had potential as musicians and tried to put an end to racial segregation and racism which would only last for decades more. Because racism was so strong, the white people who listened to jazz ruined the fate of the 2 aforementioned musicians since they thought that it was preposterous that black people had so much potential and that jazz eventually dwindled down to smooth form which most radio stations would adopt. Then, when smooth jazz was adopted, it drifted peoples' minds away from important matters resulting in mayhem throughout the metropolis.

Techno and house[edit]

In 1996, Detroit started a radio station called DRQ, and thought it would put an end to all this murder and mayhem in the hood. However, black people thought the techno and house music sounded too white for them albeit with the absence of the word nigger in the songs played on the station. Since the station focused too heavily on fast music, the niggaz in the hood were too horny and didn't want to dance with white chicks who liked the danceable house music that wasn't familiar enough with hip hop to know if that genre was danceable. As a result, the station shifted their focus to hip hop to appeal to the population of detroit which is mostly black people, and that murders were still rampant in the hood from deceptive entertainment.

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