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Congratulations! You have reached the End of the Internet! Where would you like to go? East? West? North? South? Outside?
Now, go away, because I'm afraid that this article could asplode at any second and this template is no moon.
Note: This article is Bob Barker-approved. Really, it is.

“I've already reached the End of the Internet! Sadly, I had only got DSL a year before I reached it.”

~ Richard M. Stallman on The End of the Internet

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If you are reading this page, congratulations! You are one of the first people to completely finish reading the whole Uncyclopedia in its entirety. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for shunning honest work, laughing hysterically at the downfall of children, and most importantly, for clicking on the button authorizing us to physically remove your genitals for sale on eBay.

Don't remember clicking on that button? Well, that's is, after all, a long website to endure. Don't worry, though, we made sure to keep all the paperwork in order. The Igor should be knocking on your door momentarily.

In the meantime we suggest you spend a few moments contemplating the absolute beauty of your moral decay. Most people would have stopped reading when we said that the Pope sanctioned STD's, or when they saw babies referred to as soulless parasites. Not you, though! You saw a picture of the Pope in Hell and laughed your ass off. You read about the joy of kitten huffing and cried tears of joy. For this we salute you!

And now for a few words from our sponsors....

Uncyclopedia Sponsors[edit | edit source]

Pope Benedict VIXIVVXIIVIXVXV[edit | edit source]

"Temp not the little boys, for they will temp you twice..."


Oprah Winfrey[edit | edit source]

"This won't hurt at all, I promise..."


Sir Dubya[edit | edit source]

"The great thing about your freedom is that, well, I control it!"


Mr T[edit | edit source]

"I pity you, bitch! You ain't even no foo!"


The Letter A[edit | edit source]



Genital Warts[edit | edit source]

"Hey, I think the chick in the back is eyeing you, man!!!"


And last, but not least...[edit | edit source]

Oscar Wilde[edit | edit source]

"Who, What, Me again??? Go home already, you witless bag of ant droppings!!!"


The End.....

This is The End, my only friend, The End...
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