Jay Leno's Chin

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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Jay Leno? No, that can't be it...may... shit? Yeah, more likely.
Jay Leno's Chin, seen here with sidekick Jay Leno.

Jay Leno's Chin is a popular talk show host born in 1925. He started his career as a stand-up comedian and has since moved on to writing before landing his job at The Tonight Show. He is a member of Seal Club.

Television Career[edit | edit source]

Jay Leno's Chin (or Chin, as his friends call him) is the host of the late night talk show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno's Chin. He hosts this show along with his sidekick Jay Leno. In 2004, The Tonight Show was nominated for a Golden Globe and has since had over 2 guests. The shows popularity continues to grow and another guest is planned to be on the show in the near future. Until then, Jay Leno's Chin is continuing with his monologues and then complete static.

The point of the show is to talk about current issues in the world, such as Jews. Chin has a wonderful singing voice, and can harmonize with Jay Leno very well. Sometimes they hang out in gay bars and perform Rock ballads from the 1800's. It is rumored they are "together", although Chin has a wife.

Homosexual Tendencies[edit | edit source]

Chin has recently been seen in public with numerous male celebrities including Tom Cruise, Dr. Seuss, Jamie Kennedy, Martha Stewart, Evil Lord Xenu (memorable for his role on Full House), and, of course, Jay Leno. He believes Mountain Dew is the best soda ever, which most sociologists believe is a major quality in determining whether someone is a homosexual. He has announced to not being gay, although these rumours were squashed after he married actress Adam Sandler or Jack Black. (Perhaps both at the same time.) Several photos were taken of Chin and many lover boys in compromising caress out side the gay club Rage, in West Hollywood. Although Jay Leno refuses to comment on the gayness of his chin, Chin is more and more reckless about keeping it on the DL. As a result of this behavior, a full coming out is expected in the the near future.

Marital Status[edit | edit source]

Chin is currently married to actress Adam Sandler. (Or maybe Jack Black. Damn if I remember what I typed in the last paragraph.) They are planning on having children, and have promised to name them after members of the Intergalactic Federacy.

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