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   Note: Being a hater is different from being an extremist, haters hate extremists, and extremists are just wrong.
    So, kid, you want to learn the art of hating? You've come to the right place!

Basic Techniques[edit]

    Hate Jews. Hitler hated them too. In order to hate them, first immerse yourself in his literature.
    1 day later...
    So I bet you've finished learning that now. But don't forget the Poles, too. Just kill them too. And anyone who isn't german. Just do it!

Try these too: Catholics and Russians. Jews are the best, though.

In preparation for our protest[edit]

    Step 1: Get excluded from school. It doesn't matter which kind, but art school is still the best.
    Step 2: Get a political party. Name it something nice and german. Don't name it something extremist so as not to attract suspicion. Choose a slogan like Make America Hate Again (MAGA).
    Step 3: Get some followers
    Bots will do nicely.
    Step 4: see below.

The protest[edit]

    Gather a large mob and burn stuff. Try to burn the capital of whatever country you live in.   
    Oh, and when that happens, there will likely be police there to shoot you. You can avoid this by crawling in the sewer. Sure, it will stink, but you're alive, at least...(You will drown!)
Wear this one ton bullet proof vest and you're fit to massacre everyone in the world! 
    Our willing volunteer, Bob, will do the protesting for us, so don't worry.
   Bob:Kill them all! Kill them all! You know what they say, better dead than red!
    A crowd hears the commotion and proceeds to throw food at him.
    Bob:Die, you fucking jews!
    Police arrive at the scene of Bob's protest.
    Police:Kiddo, watch your mouth!(Proceeds to yank out a gun.)
    Bob:You people excluded me from your art school! Now guess what, you people will pay!
    At this point, Bob gets shot at by the police and is carted off by the local quack medical "hospital."
    So are you up for the challenge?

Alrighty kiddo, what did we learn?[edit]

    So Bob's protest didn't go so well, did it? He's got an imaginary head. He also has an imaginary body. In truth, he's got an imaginary life, too. So let's look at a list of the lessons that Bob probably didn't learn. Actually, there's only one:
 Don't be stupid.

So do you want to do what Bob did?[edit]

    Face it kiddo,nobody likes you when you do that. But FACE THE TRUTH FOR ONCE:


You shouldn't be reading this, but alright[edit]

    So assuming you managed to kill everyone and teach the government a lesson they'll never forget, why are you still here? You should be establishing a dictatorship somewhere with your cult.


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