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Having a number one is a saying. What it says? "Having a number one". Note: not to be confused with having a number run, which often means running the numberbet race, which is still ran once a year by everybody still learning their numbers.

Meaning[edit | edit source]

There are mixed thoughts on what it means, but sadly the dominant choice ("I need a wee") is almost supported by the whole world. However, fortunately, everybody knows it actually means that you want to piss all over the back of the toilet seat, and blame ME on it, at the same time. What a shame.

History[edit | edit source]

One apon a time, a dude from another reality stole the infinity stones from Thanos! Afterward, Thanos needed a wee really bad! He told his followers that he needed a number one - since dicks look like a one - and thus the saying was created. It may interest you to know that Thanos is at least the size of a banana. Or larger. Something like that.

Now, how it reached Humans, nobody knows, but Thanos now wants to wipe out half of the universe's life as revenge for Humans and bananas stealing his copyright.

However, if thanos succeeds, the universe will be torn apart, lacking its life-force, and meet a fate darker than thanos...

By the way (btw), Thanos's dick is about the size of a banana. Also, ban-an-a-ing created this also. Humans would get a ban-an-anus and pee and crap all over it. One point for wee, two points for taking taking a crap that I exist, 3 for actually crapping on a banana. 4 for actually eating it. 5 if you crap/wee all over it and then eat it! Banan-anus's are disgusting. But winning is just as important as mearly existing. Which is to say, not a lot, but to us, very important. The competition is said to be the meaning of life!

Why use it?[edit | edit source]

What a silly question. Why not!? The saying is essentialy the meaning of life. of life. of life. Essentially.

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