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Having to pee is a deadly and dangerous plague-like disease that almost all people will get at some point in their life. There is no cure for having to pee - one can only delay the inevitable. The disease will track you down. It will find you, and it will kill you.[1]

History of the Disease[edit]

Having to pee is one of the only things that has plagued mankind from the beginning of time.[2]

The First Known Cases of Having to Pee[edit]

Renowned caveman scientist Ooaagoogogogogh first discovered the disease when walking home from his when he felt a strange, sinister urge down near his area.

Symptoms of Having to Pee[edit]

There are many symptoms of having to pee. Many of these are simply your brain telling you to get off the couch and empty your bowls, but some of them are caused by the having to pee itself.

There are probably more symptoms than this, but nobody cares enough to find out.

Stages of having to pee[edit]

Knowing the stages of having to pee is instrumental. They include, but are probably not limited to:

  • Denial: You deny the urge to pee. You continue to do whatever you are doing and "hold it in" camel-style.
  • Anger: You realize that you have to pee, and cannot ignore it forever. This makes you angry, as you are currently playing an video game and don't want to throw your match.
  • Peeing: You have waited for too long and have now peed yourself. But it won't be too messy if you're in a nursing home or wear diapers for the hell of it.


  1. Might be a slight dramatization.
  2. The other things are dinosaurs, and depending on who you ask, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.