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“Hop on Over to 94.7’s brand new The Golf Ball!”

~ WXGB on their new format

Golf balls, amirite? Got a couple of those at home. Little dimply fellas. You know the ones. Anyways, they're hard, they're small, and you give 'em a good smack when you're out on the course.

What the average golf ball deserves.

What are golf balls made out of?[edit | edit source]

Human Flesh,duh.If someone dies indoors,some people who want to make a profit take the body and sell it to golf ball and Tennis Ball manufacturers.It isn’t Grave Robbery if the grave never existed,eh?

Why would anyone like golf balls?[edit | edit source]

No one else knew what they were made after,so naturally they just were lovin’ it.How it’s made however caused Protests and Riots.Even more than YouTube after taking away the like and dislike buttons.Those manufacturers should’ve used a fillin’ machine amirite?

Why is golf even popular?[edit | edit source]

Golf is popular because…uh…I don’t know.I’m surprised golf didn’t even die yet.

Were they always made out of human flesh?[edit | edit source]

2 Pacifist Spheres.Since when they had hats?!

Yes they were.Back when they were first created in The Russian Empire in 1608,Serfs who refused to work got smacked with Rocks and turned into a Pulp.That pulp is then turned into a ball along with some oats known as человеческий сырный шарик.The balls were used to make Alcholol and Cheese which is why it’s also known as Human Cheese ball.Eventually,The balls got passed onto Russian Immigrants who went to the Americas.Those Human cheese balls got rebranded as Пацифистская сфера meaning Pacifist Sphere.Despite the name,this was used for Slaves who died while on the field,so owners would bury them,wait 5 days,and use whatever’s left to create Golf-ball sized balls that were painted and used to play a game called Roblox.Later on after the Civil War,there were people who changed the name to “Golf Ball.” Named after Golf and as a result,they became popular…while still using people to make them.Due to the fact that all operations were Underground,people didn’t notice until How it’s Made by Huggwasps Caused Public Outrage.