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“And she calls herself a playwright. I once shat an apple that was written more coherently. I doubt it would ever achieve any measure of success in the theatre community, though.”

The Transgender Trilogy is Gene Shalit's epic series of plays about what it's like to be a woman. A woman with a penis!

The Woman With A Penis[edit | edit source]

The Woman With A Penis is the first play written by Gene Shalit and is the first entry in her Transgender Trilogy. It is considered to be mildly autobiographical, and sexy as hell. There's this one part where this chick is on all fours, and she gets straight fucked in the ass. It was awesome.

The Penisful Woman[edit | edit source]

The Penisful Woman is an entry in the Transgender Trilogy of Playwright Gene Shalit. No one really gives a shit how it ranks in terms of quality or popular response compared to the other entries. This results in the play being largely forgotten, except by a Voodoo cult that uses a VHS copy of the play to masturbate to because they think it's about Bobby Flay. They love Bobby Flay. Bastards.

The Woman Without A Vagina[edit | edit source]

The Woman Without A Vagina is the third play written by Gene Shalit. It is generally considered the weak link of his Transgender Trilogy, mostly because it was actually directed by George Lucas.

The Vaginaless Woman[edit | edit source]

The Vaginaless Woman is, you guessed it, part of Gene Shalit's Transgender Trilogy. It is generally considered the best of the series, probably because most people who watched the play are complete morons.

The Penis Soliloquies[edit | edit source]

The Penis Soliloquies is an unofficial entry in Gene Shalit's Transgender Trilogy. It's kind of weird, it's just these dudes bitching about their penises and shit.

About Gene Shalit[edit | edit source]

EEEEEEEEEEEEWWW! JEWISH! Anyway... Gene Shalit is the world's only female with a penis (since Bea Arthur is technically a guy). She is also a very accomplished playwright, having only recently retired from playwrighting.

WARNING!! Do not attempt to visualize this woman's penis.

Some of Mrs. Shalit's works[edit | edit source]

  • The Woman With A Penis
  • The Woman Without A Vagina
  • The Vaginaless Woman
  • The Penisful Woman
  • The Penis Soliloquies
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • Blakie's Seven