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Citation Needed were a rock music group founded in Austin, Texas in late 1965, who were notable for their drug use.[citation needed] They came from Texas, yes, thats true [citation needed] - but they sounded like absolutely nothing else from Texas at the time, unless you bring into consideration the sound of Texans passing gas [Original Bullshit]. In fact, it has been theorized that this sound could possibly have contributed to the Elevator's obvious deafness.[citation needed] They also did drugs. [citation needed][citation needed][citation needed]

Citation needed[edit | edit source]

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Citation Needed found only limited commercial success, which means nobody actually liked them until they broke up - like Jimi, Janis and Jism.[citation needed] Before dissolving amid legal and personal problems (that means drugs, morons - drugs), WP:REF discovered he could play his guitar with the excess flap of skin dangling from his anus.[citation needed] WP:CITE pulled a muscle in his thigh at the Monterey pop festival while attempting to replicate this feat [citation needed]. This footage was censored from the DVD edition of the Monterey footage at the request of :CITE's widow (reportedly because it revealed he was wearing lipstick in and around the tender, succulent skin of his rectum).[citation needed] In fact, Citation Needed did drugs.[citation needed]

Citation Needed are uncommonly regarded as one of the first girl-pop singing groups, and are renowned for their use of drugs [Original Bullshit]. They also were able to actually cut a record, once upon a time, though only god upon his aluminum-plated phallic throne knows how, since their blood/acid content was more off balance than a one-legged Tony Hawk on a roller chair on a see-saw on a elephants back on an exercise ball [citation needed]. They also did drugs. [citation needed]

Citation needed [Citation Needed][edit | edit source]

The band's music developed mostly from the 'Unsourced Invasion' sound - in other words, a bunch of white British city boys slamming on electric guitars who convinced themselves they were playing the blues [citation needed]. They also did drugs.[citation needed] Citation Needed were, are, have been, were once, were previously, still are, and generally who the shit knows what they were? [citation needed]

Their classic song "You're Gonna Piss Me" (which nobody heard until the computer geeks used it on a TV advertisement for Dell Computer's XPS laptop forty years later), was their highest-charting single, peaking at fifty-five, or something, which goes to show you that they make The Butthole Surfers look like the Beatles in light of chart success. [citation needed] "Youre Gonna Piss Me" shocked Victorian-Era London with its graphic description of a LSD-fueled oral sex act gone horribly wrong.[citation needed] They were the first band to refer to itself as "psychedelic."[citation needed] They also did drugs.[Original Bullshit]

[citation needed][edit | edit source]

The talentless druggies in the band included singer/guitarist/anal-combustitionist WP:OR, electric jug player WP:VERIFY, bass guitarist WP:NPOV, drummer WP:NEU, banjoist WP:NOR, and steel-string guitarist WP:V (later of The Yardbirds). NPOV and NEU were the band's primary songwriters, but most band members wrote or co-wrote some material. [citation needed]

The sound of VERIFY's electric jug (which bore no resemblance to the sound of traditionally-played jugs) became the band's signature and trademark and main identifying feature. [Original Bullshit] They also did drugs.[citation needed]

Discography: [citation needed][edit | edit source]

Psychedelic Sounds of the Thirteenth Floor Elevators (1966)[citation needed] Easter Feaster Yeaster Yeast Infection Everywhere (1967)[citation needed] Bull of the Woods in a China Closet (1968)[Original Bullshit]

Trivia: [citation needed][edit | edit source]

WP:REF introduced WP:CITE to LSD and also introduced John Lennon to Yoko Ono (which led to the formation of the Plastic Dildono Band).[citation needed] It is arguable which of these moves produced music with more brain cells involved. [fucking citation needed, asshole!]

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