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Baa, baa black sheep...

Hey, hey who you callin' black?

Have you any wool?

Are you being prejudice bro? You can take your nigger sheep and shove them right up your ass! Why can't it be a cracker-ass sheep? Or a beaner sheep. Motherfuckin' oriental sheep. You know what I'm saying? I want peace and unity! I want a multicultural sheep. You hear me, my man? A straight up mutt sheep.

Okay. Baa baa multicultural sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir...

That's sexist! You just said, "yes sir, yes sir" assuming it's all dudes and stuff. If you don't mind, I prefer to be referred to in a non-genitalia defining way. How about yes sir or madam, although I suppose that doesn't really rhyme...

Fine. Whatever. Baa, baa multicultural sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir or madam, 3 bags full.

Sorry, but 'bags' is not a proper quantitative value. You should replace it with the term kilograms. It has a nice, global sound.

Moving on. One for the master, one for the dame and one for the...

Ahem! What about equal rights!?! Why does the master and dame bag two thirds of the stuff? What about the workers? Hey, what about the sheep? They should get paid for their wool! Fair trade, like this is after the emancipation proclamation and shit!

Jesus Christ already! Baa, baa multicultural sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir or madam, 3 kilograms full. A portion for the workers, fair trade for the sheep, and some for the little boy who...

Are you mocking dwarfism? It's not fair to make fun of someone for-

Blah, blah multicultural sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir or madam, 3 kilograms full. A portion for the workers, fair trade for the sheep, and some for the average-sized child who lives down...

Um, excuse me-


It's just tha-

I have had it with political correctness! ARGGGGGHH!! It's A STUPID CHILDREN'S RHYME for heaven's sake!!!


OH, GO SHOVEL SAND UP YOUR PUSSY, YA [incredibly long string of profanities]!! I'M OUTTA HERE!



It's spelled "you" and "out of".

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