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Hello, beastie!

"Weird Al" Yankovic on Things that have eaten "Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic has been eaten, in part or in whole, by many things. He died a horrible, painful death in each case, but he was always resurrected as Shirley MacLaine. He doesn't mind dying that much any more.

Artists impression of a Devil sheep

About the Devil sheep[edit | edit source]

The Devil Sheep is a cross between the devil and sheep. This sheep was only found on the mountains and higher hills in Denmark. The Devil sheep once roamed free across all of the highest Danish mountains. It rarely came in contact with humans because of the altitude it lived at. It lived in relative harmony with humans, until the arrival of Christianity in Denmark. The early Christians where horrified by the devil sheep and sms'ed the pope about it. He was unhappy with its presence in the world and ordered them to kill all the devil sheep, and any other animals and people on the Devil's friends list on Facebook.

Humans vs Devil sheep[edit | edit source]

For many years the Danes battled to kill of all the Devil Sheep. Although this resulted in the death of many sheep and Danes they eventually killed all but one. The most epic devil sheep of them all. Known only as Devil sheep 41A. It lived on for many years to come killing everyone it met especially people it didn't like. (and no it never met any Grue)

The tower of Copenhagen where Boowoof was tortured after his capture by Danish immigration police.

King Someone1 and the death of the last devil sheep[edit | edit source]

When King Someone1 took the throne (after stealing it from the previous king Someone0 when he got up to go to the toilet.) He sent an email to all the great hero's around the world (because of his name most of them regarded it as spam and didn't read it). The only person to take King Someone1 seriously was Boowoof a mighty daemon slayer from some where to the east of Denmark. He arrived in Denmark in 2015 and set off into the danish mountains to slay Devil sheep 41A. After a terrible battle in which his entire raid party was wiped out twice they eventually managed to slay Devil sheep 41A and then rolled on its epic loot. The king finding out that Boowolf had stolen the epic loot alerted the danish Immigration police and Boowolf was arrested for illegal entering Denmark.

Boowolfs Detention and Release[edit | edit source]

After Boowolfs arrest he was detained in the tower of Copenhagen where he was tortured by been made to say weird danish words. He was eventually freed when the Swedish invaded in 2020.

Black sheep[edit | edit source]

The Devil sheep is in no way related to the Black sheep of New Zealand seen in the 2007 Documentary Black Sheep [1].

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