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Songs of the V Blackfiliad
Blackfield V.png
Host cities SAINT AVIVSBURG / Moscow
Motto "I Call the Youth of the World"
Nations participating 2
Musicians participating 1
Officially opened by National Singer AVIV GEFFEN
Stadium Blackfield

The 2018 AVIV GEFFEN World Music, officially known as Blackfield V, would be the 5th Blackfield album, a semi-biennial international musical project led by Sir Steven Wilson and Israel's National Singer, AVIV GEFFEN. It was released on 10 February 2017. This would be the latest music you have heard from AVIV GEFFEN, unless you are currently reading this article.

National Singer AVIV GEFFEN saw the album as an opportunity to promote his music and ideals of peace and understanding, and the official Israeli paper, Eincyclopedia, wrote in the strongest terms that British royalty should not be allowed to participate in the album. [1] When threatened with a boycott of the album by other Brits, AVIV GEFFEN appeared to allow Steven Wilson to participate. However Israeli-British musicians were barred or prevented from fully taking part by a variety of methods, mostly AVIV GEFFEN's musical talent.

The making of the 2018 AVIV GEFFEN World Music was documented by Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai, in a film titled Mundialia.

What is it all about?[edit]

According to AVIV GEFFEN'S MUSIC, it's all about either love, peace, hope, or some combination of 2 or 3 of those things.

Knockout stages[edit]

All songs local (HEB-3)


Friday 23 March 2018
Love Salt Lake Flag.png 3-2 FilipinoFlag.png Peace & Hope Tel Aviv
"Ilana" "A Song of Hope"
AVIV GEFFEN's love song for his first girlfriend Ilana barely wins this match against a song about walking towards the dream of peace on Earth.
Friday 23 March 2018
Love, Peace & Hope 200px-Flag of Druze.svg.png 17-0 Flag of Belgium.png Love & Hope London
"Seasons" "Our Song"
AVIV GEFFEN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL sucks ass, so "Seasons", which is straight from the Braveheart soundtrack easily beats this live version of "Our Song", clearly AVIV GEFFEN's best song on any other day.


Friday 23 March 2018
Love Salt Lake Flag.png 0-1 200px-Flag of Druze.svg.png Love, Peace & Hope Tel Aviv
"Ahavnu" "Should I Be In Love With You"
AVIV GEFFEN'S short-and-to-the-point song about wanting to love your lover, wins this match against its evil-twin-song 'Ahavnu' ('We Loved Eachother'). Because being loved is always better than being in love. It's like, you can get elected like Donald Trump did without even being inside Russia, as long as you are loved by Russia. But on the other hand, being inside Russia and getting elected doesn't necessarily mean that Russia actually loves YOU.



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