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The number 2 inscribed in a circle. What did you expect?

“It is the number that comes after 1 and before the rest.”

Gołębiowski on 2

2 is the plural of 1, except in the United Kingdom where a nice man told me that the plural of 1 is "bugger off mate." The uppercase form of 2 is @.

It has been said by some poets that 2 can be quite lonely, as it is the loneliest number since the number 1.

2 is one of the most widely used numbers in the world among cultures who are able to count past 1. It often sponsors children's programs such as Sesame Street in order to promote its bipartisan political agenda. 2 is the largest gathering of naked people which falls short of qualifying as an orgy.

Quick facts about 2 which can be used to impress acquaintances[edit]

  • 2 is the only even prime number, which makes it quite odd.
  • The quantity 2+2 approaches infinity for very large values of 2.
  • 2 is the number of cows that you have.
  • The minimum number of gods necessary for polytheism is 2.
  • 2 is the quantity of many body parts that come standard on a human.
  • The copyright to the number 2 expired in 1973, before which time any use of 2 required 8 cents be mailed to the estate of Thomas Edison, who patented the number in 1913.
  • An archaic method of writing 2, "two", was banned in 2013 after a lengthy session of the U.S. Congress in order to discourage frivolous wasting of time.
  • 2 has several homophones, including the article "to", the adverb "too", the slang "tew" (as in tew kewl 4 skwel), and several profanities.

Gołębiowski's recursive formula for 2[edit]

This formula allows you to compute 2 with given precision. It also looks like a Triforce turned upside-down. You may also notice that each triangle of the triforce is also made up of triforces. This is regarded in the mathematical community to be pretty cool.

Failed to parse (Missing <code>texvc</code> executable. Please see math/README to configure.): 2={\frac {2+2}{2}}={\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}={\frac {{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}+{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}{{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}}={\frac {{\frac {{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}+{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}{{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}}+{\frac {{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}+{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}{{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}}}{{\frac {{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}+{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}{{\frac {{\frac {2+2}{2}}+{\frac {2+2}{2}}}{{\frac {2+2}{2}}}}}}}}

This formula is known for being very robust and conservative. For example substituting 2 with 3 or 654 doesn't affect the result:

Failed to parse (Missing <code>texvc</code> executable. Please see math/README to configure.): {\frac {{\frac {3+3}{3}}+{\frac {3+3}{3}}}{{\frac {3+3}{3}}}}=2

Failed to parse (Missing <code>texvc</code> executable. Please see math/README to configure.): {\frac {{\frac {654+654}{654}}+{\frac {654+654}{654}}}{{\frac {654+654}{654}}}}=2

This equation even works with the integer DeLorean, and the imaginary number Aerosmith.



Gołębiowski's identity for natural numbers that are also the number 2[edit]

After years of intricate study, Gołębiowski reduced his equation to this deceptively simple and elegant identity:


It has been said that Gołębiowski's identity is the pinnacle of mathematical beauty.

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