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Wiki Rage is the internet equivalent of Road Rage, in that, through a series of maddened attempts to cross the border of (internet law), the user starts rampaging, going nuts.

What is it?[edit | edit source]

A typical sufferer of Wiki Rage

Wiki Rage is the internet equivalent of Road Rage. It is widely accepted as a violent and hostile lashing out for revenge on a deep seated need for recognition. It is a neurological disorder which causes the user to strike violently at a wiki. There are various stimuli that can trigger the symptoms of Wiki Rage, but some people suffer the symptoms without actually having the disorder. Noted psycho-cologists such as Josef Mengele, MD PH.D have proposed that the users in question wish to appear Badass, or often in the process of improving the wiki by removing crap, but going about it in a completely stupid way. This is the basis of Wiki Rage: The body acts on ordinarily benign decisions in an extreme manner.

Knowing the Stimuli[edit | edit source]

Wiki Rage is extraordinarily dangerous to wikis because of the unpredictability of the stimuli. Some people, for example, are set off by seeing the Wikipedia logo. Others are reacting to the dismay caused by an admin deleting their 1337, funny, one-line article about themselves and how they are God's gift to their gender of preference. Wiki Rage is the end result of their calm attempts to correct the Admin's mistake of removing an article that obviously fits on Uncyclopedia. Sometimes, a particularly wicked admin deletes such pages merely to get this reaction out of the user, as its symptoms, as described below, are often quite amusing, if futile.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

Request for information from the Admin[edit | edit source]

An ordinarily simple task, merely to post on the admin's talk page something along the lines of "Excuse me, I am inquiring as to the reasons behind your deletion of my entirely accurate page regarding myself and how sexy I am?" becomes quite violent. This symptom can be seen quite commonly as the sufferer of Wiki Rage vandalizes the crap out of an admin's user page:

Determination to do Better[edit | edit source]

This is when the user's desire to do better mixes with the unbridled fury caused by the neurological disorder known as Wiki Fury. The end result is that the user blanks a lot of pages, completely and stupidly unaware of the fact that it takes five seconds to revert, as evidenced by the fact that they often replace the text not just with no text at all but "lol pwned." In fact, the word "pwned" anywhere in the text replacing an article is a sure fire sign of a sufferer of this disorder. Sorry to be blunt folks, but it's just too damn stupid.

Sufferers[edit | edit source]

We remind you that this disorder is beyond the control of the sufferer, and that you have some mercy on the user when banning them indefinitely. Maybe a nice ban summary or something.

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