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My life, the Universe, and Everything[edit]

I'm a new user to Uncyclopedia as of August 2005, and my life has been changed. Definetely for the worse, but oh well. I'm not very funny, so Uncyclopedia is a chance to hone my skills. My primary activities have been adding unfunny contributions to the "Did You Know..." template and figuring out how the entire wiki editing system works.

Please edit my contributions, as they are very stupid.

And as to why I don't make pics:

Hitlerbear.png<----This is what it would look like.


Minor Contributions[edit]

Template:Tubs Time Travel Worst 100 Movies of all time Fnord The Man Oscar Wilde The Tiny War Template:DidYouKnow Slime Cube Extreme Sarcasm Supersarcasm You have two cows Banned from the Internet Time Dragonball Z YouASK PO



Not much yet, mostly because I suck.

I ARE WINNER of the Links game