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Neko does not exist. Therefore, anytime you see her name, it's simply a figment of your imagination. Thank you. come again. do not touch the pie.

Now for some facts that are so important, nobody gives a pair of dingo's kidneys about them.

important facts[edit]

Neko is from the magical fairyland of Wisconsin.
Neko is 12% silicon, 31% carbon, and 57% ramen.
Neko has a lovely bunch of coconuts/there they are all sitting in a row.
Neko laughs in the face of danger and retarded kids.
Neko is not a neko. She just thinks she is.
Neko's babel boxes have have escaped to form their own island kingdom.
Neko is now one of the cool kids 'cause she wrote a video game article too.
Neko can't think of any more amusing factoids.

stuff i did[edit]

stuff i started[edit]

stuff i revamped in a major way[edit]

secret box of mysteries[edit]

Insert secret box of mysteries here