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“Fucking bastards, you will pay!!!”

~ Flandre on being insane and abused (she deserved it)
South of the Evil Devil Vampires
South Evil Gensokyo (and friends)
Flag of South Evil Gensokyo Coat of Arms of Nazi Gensokyo
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Fuck the controller and pope!
Anthem: Unter der Fahne von den Evil【MIKU HATSUNE
South Gensokyo and it's island terrortories (in Red).
Capital Area 53
Largest city Swiss Turn City
Official language(s) Arabic, Italian, French Cheese, Joker
Government Joker Germany
‑ The Evil Leader Flandre Scarlet
‑ The Garudian of the Führer Metal Mario
‑ Controller of the Evil Army Hu Jintao
‑ Allies USA and Middle East
Ethnic groups Terrorists, Evilness
National Hero(es) Flandre Scarlet
Established 2935
Currency Evil Dollar
Religion Hell
Major exports Tetris Properganda, Planes, Beer

Before Separation[edit]

Flandre was tired of being under control by the dumb leader. So she declared separation by force.

After Separation[edit]

Flandre became satisfied and now her people are all now hailing her. But all the supporters of Flandre doesn't know that they are being used and are under Flandre's dinner. All her supporters become her slaves as well and they have to obey her or else risk getting their blood sucked up. Most of her people talk like Frightened Girls and Mice.


Flandre doesn't know what Economy means. Such a baka.


Flandre doesn't have any laws. Why? She can't make up any laws, because her ideas went drown the drain. So sad....she deserved it. Still an idiot.

Anything else about the country[edit]

She blocked info. Bastard.

The Leader[edit]

Rumor has it that her symbol has resembled something similar. But what could it be truely? Nowon knows...yet. But she still needs to be killed either way.

South Gensokyo and Relations with Republic of McDoanlds[edit]

Ever since Ronald McDonald made Flan's theme much better by making it into a McRoll, Flan went to travel to find Ronald. After she found him, she shook hands with him and made peace with his country. THey are living happily now and are planning to attack the enemies soon. But they won't able to since North Gensokyo has been developing lots and lots of missiles that can easily defeat them and South Gensokyo entirely.

The End of South Gensokyo[edit]

The New Finland Omega Viking Empire, seeing the heavy threats from them, the Finns went to built their most deadly weapon in the world, codenamed "Grand Finnale", then dropped it on South Gensokyo. It was very effective, and the country were completely wiped out for good. Afterwards, a new city was built, and is called Vice City.

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