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You hum it son, and I'll play it...

Whatever Happened to Carlow Crab? was a hit British sitcom broadcast between March 1976 and June 1979, as the colour sequel to the late-1960s hit The Carlow Crab. It was created and written, as was its predecessor, by Benny Hill with additional material from members of Monty Python. There were 26 television episodes over three series, and a subsequent 45-minute Christmas special was aired in December 1980.

Show Format[edit]

The show revolves around the character of Carlow Crab, portrayed by Rodney "Crusty" Crustacean, a teenage arthropod with super powers, who for some strange reason is native to a small city in the Republic of Ireland. The shows producers have failed to explain why most of the cast of the show are ocean dwelling sea creatures, although shortly before his death in 1992 scriptwriter Benny Hill stated that he'd "been off his cake on drugs" when creating the series.


"Claws" O'Rourke, who portrayed Cork Crab throughout the series was arrested in 1994 for possession of crack cocaine.

Jack Jerk AKA Carlow Crab (Master Of All Things Blarney): A geeky adolescent kid who hates his life when not Carlow Crab and enjoys it when it is. He is picked on by popular kids and does badly on his science homework. As a superhero he grabs villains and beats them up. He sometimes runs into Cork Crab.

Ashley Asshole: A geeky but smart kid but not good at science. She is seen always picked on and is the only person to know Jack's secret. Always smarter than anyone else. Best friend of Jack Jerk.

Tipperary Turtle: An evil villainous turtle and arch-villain of Carlow Crab. Unlike Carlow Crab, Tipperary Turtle came from Tipperary. He destroys shamrocks, which is the most priceless thing in the world according to Carlow Crab {except maybe his friendship}.

Kaptain Kalgoorlie: An Aussie teacher who is annoyed by his students. Always gives incredible homework. He won awards as the most homework giving character in any TV show ever.

Farley Geeko: A computer geek 9000 who is a villain and shoots lasers and is a maniac.

Cork Crab: A crab who thinks he has more blarney than Carlow Crab. The troublemaker of The Carlow Crab.

Jean-Claude-Charlotte-Henri III of Esch-sur-Sure: A character who lives in Luxembourg but goes to the states a lot to make fun of it's low-class population. In one episode he shows of how much better Luxembourg is by taking the class there.

Fukomos: An invisible villain who beats up women.

Theme Song[edit]

Although the Danny Phantom show is an obvious rip-off, the theme sing sounds totally different.

Goin' back to Carlow, Carlow, Carlow,
Goin' back to Carlow, Carlow, Carlow...

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