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Entry 1: Aimsplode's VFS Conflict[edit]

Eyo, ladies and gents... Meganew here. As promised, this is the first report of the Uncyc Cold War, a silent and clandestinely fought conflict between "Free Uncyc," located at link, and Wikia Uncyc, located at link.

Our first update involves the highly publicized VFS conflict currently going on at VFS on the Wikia-owned site. Seemingly to spite the Wikia personnel such as Sannse, who has been a noted harbinger of Wikia changes in the past, a large portion of members who either moved to the "Free Uncyc" site or decided to split their time between both sites nominated Aimsplode for admin.

Whether it was truly series or not, I don't know, but as of the writing of this first update, Aimsplode is leading the race with 9 votes, compared to SPIKE's 8. Despite a high level of controversial decisions, including vote striking, entire nomination striking, and even page locking(along with the purging and banning of Symbol declined.svg against votes), the VFS is still ongoing. Tune in next week to hear an update on this specific story, and any other interesting WU vs FU stories.


Entry 2: VFS Rigging?[edit]

Well, I didn't update this Sunday, but that's my fault. Anyways...

After a serious level of contention on VFS, a conclusion was reached, one that I personally feel was poorly made. Instead of allowing Wikia Uncyc to "reap what they sow," as the old proverb goes, ChiefjusticeDS felt he simply had to intervene. As such, he eliminated Aimsplode's nomination and permabanned him from the site.

Admittedly, I was in favor of aim becoming an admin, but not for the reasons everyone thinks. I'm of the opinion that you should suffer the full rewards or consequences of your choices. With the populace having voted for Aimsplode, despite Chief's attempt to eliminate his nomination twice before his permanent termination of it, it's only fair that the Wikia site gets a Nazi as an admin. That's what they want, so that's what they'll get. It's like vandalism: Sure, you can vandalize Uncyclopedia all you want, but you'll suffer the consequences of that. In that case, a ban.

As someone who considers himself to have a more traditional view of things, I fully believe that ChiefjusticeDS had no reason to stick his nose in the business of the userspace. Were Aimsplode to have proven himself to be a good admin, he would've stayed. Were he to have been of poor quality, his employment would be terminated. Point is, either way, they would've got what they asked for.

Speaking of Aimsplode, he's been doing a good job of terminating all proof of his existence elsewhere on the internet. From Habbo to Deviantart, and even I can haz cheezburger, he has tried to terminate his existence from the web. Perhaps there is more to this pseudo-Nazi then any of us know...

Another update, another day. Keep checking back on your daily USP for the next update on the Uncyc Cold War.


Entry 3: Drama![edit]

Well, this one's a bit late, but still important. Illogicopedia has considered moving their hosting over to the Free Uncyc servers, netting a nifty anti-Wikia deal. As well, a series of "hate bans" occurred recently, involving ChiefjusticeDS banning people on the Wikia site, and a sockpuppet of his being banned on this site.

More info will be available when I find out.