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Adolf Hitler-Arizona, Jr. is the twin brother of Hannah Montana. He leads a double life of an ordinary professional wrestler by day, and a racist, perverted Encyclopedia Dramatica administrator, looking at Goatse, giving people Goatse, and spamming Uncyclopedia with Goatse by night.

Early life and career[edit]

Mr. Arizona was born in a dirty straw hut in the Amazon wilderness in the year 1980, and he wrestled his first WWF match in 1999. He beat such legends as Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and the late Chris Benoit in his first matches with them. He won 4 straight titles in WWE in 2001-2004. Before he was in the car accident in January of 2008 that changed his life forever.

WWE Superstardom[edit]

Arizona was crowned "Greatest Wrestler Ever in the History of the World" in 2005 where he won every match. He formed a legendary rivalry with Chris Benoit which led him to immortality within the wrestling community. But then Benoit couldn't handle getting his ass kicked every round, so he killed himself.