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Uncyclopedia Pages Authored[edit]

TibetConnie FrancisRaymond ChandlerTerrorAbbaDr. Eric Vornoff • The BillyMobilePuny WarsJimmy DuranteLydia LunchRene Magritte (full rewrite) • XTCPlan 9 from Outer Space

Uncyclopedia Colonizations Colonoscopied[edit]

Fatty ArbuckleRubber cementDry cleaning

Uncyclopedia Pages Jacked With[edit]

James JoyceGenghis KhanVolvoBAAAEdgar Allan PoeSoy Sauce

Uncyclopedia Pages Given Grammar-Nazi Treatment[edit]

Bears vs. Unicorns ConflictAttack of the 500 foot JesusMap

Images Cruelly Manipulated[edit]

Images Lovingly Caressed and Made Sweet Love To[edit]

Images Of The Mysterious East[edit]

Images My Mom Wouldn't Understand[edit]

Images Nobody Could Possibly Understand[edit]

Images Only You Would Understand[edit]

Just aim a little more to the right...