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General[edit source]

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Tree of life[edit source]

Bacteria, virus, and diseases[edit source]

Animals[edit source]

Plants and botany[edit source]

Fungi[edit source]

Other tree of life articles[edit source]

Anatomy[edit source]

This page is about mammal anatomy. For human anatomy, see Uncyclopedia:Requested articles/Applied arts and sciences/Medicine#Anatomy and physiology.

Biologists[edit source]

Requests for articles about biologists are on a separate page, and should be added there.

Ecology[edit source]

Evolution[edit source]

Journals[edit source]

Molecular biology and biochemistry[edit source]

Biochemicals and drugs[edit source]

Concepts in biochemistry and molecular biology[edit source]

Genetics[edit source]

Proteins[edit source]

Enzymes[edit source]

Receptor proteins[edit source]

Protein families[edit source]

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Sexuality[edit source]

Zootomy[edit source]

Philosophy of biology[edit source]

Other biology terms[edit source]