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This article is about the expirimental containment policy in Uncyclopedia.


  • An article about an internet meme, anime, or in other words an article that is mediocre in quality from the perspective of a person ignorant, or less knowlegeable of the subject will be allowed amnesty provided that:
    1. An article which is humorous to an audience wider than the fans of the meme can be created to replace it.
    2. It can have a subpage where any listcruft, facts, and poorer inside joke versions can be allowed to fester.
    3. Some notice can be put up to show this, whether a note at the bottom or at template such as {{containment}}
  • If an article cannot meet these three conditions, it and any future pages of similar qualities will be contained - locked as a redirect to this policy page. This article is refered to as a contained article in this state.
    • If it is inconvenient to redirect to this page, then it can be redirected to CVP. All cases of contained article can be herein replaced with CVP'd article should this condition be true.
  • If a writer creates an article which is humorous as an attempt to replace the article, an administrator will be contacted to replace the article - which will allow that to become the new page to replace the contained article, and all other contained articles about said subject will be redirected to the main article, still protected. A user who has contributed in a time that is greater than three months will have the ability to challenge the administrator's decision by poll. If there is over 2/3 general support of all seasoned users who participated in the poll, then the administrator's decision may be overturned.
  • If the subpage fails to contain the listcruft into that single subpage, the page will be protected from anonymous edits.
    • This condition will also hold true if a user consistently reverts the article to a poorer quality version.

The reasoning behind this is to contain the meme into a single article. That way it tends to fester less into actual uncyclopedia articles of any sort of good value, thus preventing a domino theory situation from occuring. This will allow users who clean up lists and quotes to do more worthwhile or fun things on Uncyclopedia than listacide and quoticide.

  • It will be the judgement of a capable administrator whether a page will be contained or not, just as CVP works. Any user may bring an article to the attention of an administrator which might require containment.

Articles Currently Complying with the Containment Policy[edit]

Note: These articles are complying with the policy, whether it was done before or not.

Possible Future Candidates[edit]