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"'"Rarely confused"'" is a song created by netizens collectively, the reason is because a certain WOWER is dissatisfied with the ""Xingwenzhongchu General Office""suspected[ [Brain deficiencies]] and banned a game in the World of Warcraft series and complained in Baidu, just because some people think it is the couplet’s couplet After a couple of couplets, the result was a wave of couplets.

The so-called "'Dao Shengyi, Yisheng two, Ersheng three, and Sansheng all things'", the couplet upgraded to become a petrol poem, and then upgraded to a number of treasures and famous throughout the world, so there is unr The word is adapted into UnTunes.

Songs[edit | edit source]

High housing prices, stinky football, the board does not allow playing Warcraft.
Bone long skin, dead body, and professor brain stump.
Police Black, City Management cattle, speculation Shares also bought CNPC.
School Black, socially decayed, and there is basically no future for graduation.
Lottery leave, be calm, Full Games Gold medals are default.
City Management Niu, prostitutes, rape are temporary.
Trick the real horse, push-ups, and the public servants can see clearly.
As prices rise and housing prices rise, anyone who does not honestly cross provinces.
There are farmers who were beaten by officials, and they were fined two thousand eighty.
Being a good person is a fool, Nanjing The old lady is forty-eight thousand.
The sky is not afraid, the earth is not afraid, you are afraid of POLICE coming to your house.
People, be obedient or arrest your whole family.
The boatman is ruthless, the boatman is cattle, he is not saved three meters from the boat.
Test composition, competition Olympic, really guilty of collecting money.
Life is blocked. Fifteen thousand, who do not count your money.
Life is tiring and the people are suffering.
Reply to a post, also approve, free speech is fart.
Occupying the room, lying on the floor, pressing the people to play Xiaomi.
The wages are low and the stomach is hungry, the Bureau of Statistics is stupid.
No trial, no approval, river crab society is the first.
Jia Junpeng, have a meal, the post is topping hundreds of thousands.
Your stomach hurts, I won't contain it, lest be fined tens of thousands.
Real estate, real bastard, half a house.
Unable to eat enough and not warm to wear, Socialism is really miserable.
Tuition fees are high, school is black, and graduation is basically scrapped.
The people are suffering, the people are tired, the entire old society.
Seeking medical treatment is difficult and expensive, and often charges indiscriminately.
University black, professor water, academic only by moving his mouth.
House prices are high, oil prices are expensive, and buses are crowded back to back.
Sister Furong, Sister Tianxian, it makes people suffer.
Chinese expensive, red river fees, indeed are all taxes.
Educational drugs, expensive fees, we shed tears after the college entrance examination.
Greedy, corrupt, strong, eating and drinking public funds is really cool.
Prostitute farts, rising year by year, pig meat building dare not think.
House prices are rising, wages are falling, and traveling abroad depends on portraits.
State Council, CCP, lead the people into the gang.
Prices are high, wages are low, and the government is applauding every day.
Wages are low, jobs are few, and to be honest, they are still being fired.
Advertisement More, less programs, cable TV is cut off.
Employment is difficult and the threshold is high. The smaller the company, the more it burns.
Taking fake photos, playing fake football, the Football Association is like Zhou Zhenglong.
United States is poor, China is rich, and the county government is like a palace.
Beijing Medical University, which is a cow, does not worry about seeing people die.
I fish, you hook, and law enforcement robs you.
National Team, National Youth Team, I can’t compare to our school team.
Leader black, tired of working overtime, man can't cry.
Poor medical skills, expensive medicines, hospitals and medicine factories eat black.
Cars are expensive, houses are expensive, no car and no room to find who sleep.
Because of being fired today, and falling out of love, the latter has swine flu.
People are real and have no money to make, good man is being bullied.
Right to make money, money to buy rights, people can only stare.
The military parade was very successful, and all the pirates finished playing.
Rolled over the window, jumped over the wall, and slept three beds overnight.
Seventy yards, Hei Wenqiang, someone above is too emperor.
Hospitals are rampant, doctors are crazy, and they have a cold to sell.
running dogs There are so many, and there are wild hairs. This world is crazy.
Army, buy the official fly, the rich man heap in peace time.
The sound of horse farts, bullshit, the government officials is a turtle.
Expensive tuition, tired of studying, and a lot of talent certificates.
Prosperity of wealthy businessmen, fat officials, and people who fed them.
The territory is big, there are many contradictions, officials just drink.
Going to college, taking an undergraduate exam, the work is still the same.
You don't say it, I don't say it, don't talk about state affairs and cause less trouble.
Undergraduate and college entrance exams, it is better to take off your clothes on the bed.
Peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, it’s normal to die a person.
Oil taxes rise, crude oil falls, the government is a big locust.
Stock fell, house prices rose, and people in the river crab community ate bran.
The sky is green and wild, who can believe Communist Party.
Milk poison, wine to water, people do not dare to move their mouths.
Reading is hard, reading is tiring, reading is worse than mixing society.
Be a common person, pay taxes, and give officials to find escorts.
The people are miserable and their lives are tired. It is the new society of crabs.
People can only shed tears, flow~eyes~tears74.82.60.90 (talk)