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Internet artifact is Baidu Encyclopedia ten kinds of weapons used by stork ape administrators.

Connotation Iron[edit | edit source]

This iron was a mortal thing, because it was illuminated by the bright light of the emperor, absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, and influenced by the connotation of the emperor day and night, and became a spiritual god. It turned into countless small iron slags, but the connotation iron did not disappear. The emperor gave the broken connotation iron to Zhongyisi and all the people at dawn, so that the connotation always exists in people's hearts. There is a saying in the old saying:The connotation of the world consists of iron and stone, the emperor bar monopolizes the eight fights, the god of the gods has a fight, and the people of the world have a fight.

Symptom Axe[edit | edit source]

Legend has it that at the beginning of the chaos of heaven and earth, Pangu woke up from sleep and saw that the earth and earth were dark. Then he took a huge axe to split the sky and the earth. Since then, we have our world. This axe has extremely powerful destructive power and crab power. It can cut the chaos to open the world, and can also break the void to turn the world into chaos. Relying on the character of the user, if a person of righteousness and righteousness gains it, it can benefit the world. If a person with a wrong heart technique gains it, it will harm millions of souls.

Ba Ying Spear[edit | edit source]

The Ba Ying spear is called the hero spear of the king. Legend is used by Xiang Yu. He wanted the hero of Xiang Yu to defeat the Qin army and rely on this spear. The spear is 250 centimeters long and extremely sharp. It opens and closes when waving. It is shocking and has a harsh voice. Nobody can be stopped. Therefore, it is also called shear spear. In the end, as Xiang Yu defeated himself, the Ba Ying spear was lost to the people and disappeared. Later generations of Li Qing wrote a poem saying:Think todayXiang Yu and refuse to dominate the British spear!

Spike[edit | edit source]

Legend is the artifact held by the chairman of Chinese Football Association, because the head of the mute and deaf is split, the halberd head splits, and it automatically bites after insertion. When holding this halberd in dumb and deaf hands, you can prevent your all from firing for 90 minutes. This halberd has a special martial arts mental technique called "Fork Waist Muscles". The person practicing this mental technique must be a man and a woman Cultivate, otherwise you will fall into devil and die. So National Football will go to the hotel to find Miss before practicing to practice "Fork Waist". After venting from the dumb and deaf, the fork and halberd were missing, and the whereabouts of the "fork lumbar muscle" were unknown.

Purple Bow[edit | edit source]

Li Yi held a purple bow to help the country, and Yi was the hardest thing to start.
Li Yi and Li Yuchun fought in Shouhua's field, Li Yi shot and killed it. Xudong in Kunlun. Li Yi holds a purple bow and Li Yuchun holds a shield.
Purple Bow (also known as Sunbow): Because the bow is purple, it is called purple bow. Legend It is owned by Li Yi and has nine consecutive shots, powerful shots, and can hurt people even without arrows. "Huainan" said Yao was coming out from time to time, and the plants were scorched, Yao ordered Li Yi to shoot up for ten days, nine of them, and all nine of them died, falling their wings, so they stayed for one day, and it has been circulating from dark to bright . After Li Yi did not shoot to change the guard, Feng Gong retired. Divine soldiers are psychic and can be auspicious. If Zi Gong whines and bleeds, it is called Zi Gong Hemorrhage.

Aspirate bottle[edit | edit source]

This artifact is Guanyin, known as the jade stem bottle in ancient times, it is one of the ancient treasures. With incredible power, it is said that it can make everything, and it has amazing power to destroy it. There is a strange space inside, and the size of the space seems to be able to accommodate the world. People can be sucked into the bottle to get people's energy, and eventually lead to exhaustion and death by suicide. And the mood of the deceased is often stable. If the bottle is placed in the crotch, the cloth can be dried in the crotch. The hand should be stretched into the skirt first, lift the skirt, release the restricted area, get wet in the wet, grab wet and dry, play with guns, keep going, put the testicles to sleep, the chicken is aggressive, let the skirt overflow .

Ni Ma Pen[edit | edit source]

According to the legend It is the material of the magic pen Ma Liang, and the objects drawn by the mud horse pen can be presented faithfully. At that time, Ma Liang drew a god foal in order to escape the chase of the rich man. The pen is called a mud horse pen. After the magic pen Ma Liang sealed the pen, the mud pen disappeared, but it is said that the grass mud horse can sense the existence of the mud pen, and the hair on the grass mud horse can also be used as a mud pen, but its ability is far less than the real mud pen.

Kettle Grip Scale[edit | edit source]

This artifact Legend was transformed by the spirit of Jingwei who died in the river, the user was using the kettle grip scale, MaEn[[Lenin|Column] ]Si Suddenly possesses the soul! Get extremely powerful power, when the side of the scale is put down the river crab, after this side falls three times, one person will be killed! If the deceased is suicide, his emotions will be abnormally stable. The kettle grip scale is in the hands of Sky DynastyGovernment, but after the battle of 6.28, the municipal government was burned down and the whereabouts of the kettle scale was unknown.

Stamp Knife[edit | edit source]

The original name is unknown, because it is similar to the India knife in the future.
The sword is the earliest weapon in the world. After God recreated Eve in Western legends, because it is better than Adam in every aspect, the advanced concept of equality between men and women and the important idea of equality of all beings proposed by the Buddha, God also created a seal knife for distribution to Eve. After the initial test, it was found that this product has great lethality to men, so all female units were distributed after mass production.
Because the printing knife is manually produced by God, the length and thickness are different. The number is divided into A and B. Type A has been discontinued due to poor use; Type B is divided into large B and small B Two models.
Some women do not get the allocated knives for various reasons. God calls these kind people as maids.

Benevolence[edit | edit source]

This is the most overbearing weapon among the top ten artifacts. When this round comes out, the blood never stops. Kim Il-sung, who held this round, killed too much blood, causing blood to flow into the river, corpses running across the field, and betraying the Confucian way of benevolence and justice. Kim Il Sung’s martial arts martial arts is unknown, but it should be the vein of the tantrics in the Western Regions. His weapon is divided into rounds, a weapon that can be held in hand and thrown at the enemy. He has a total of five Faluns, which are made of five metals of gold, silver, copper, iron, and aluminum. The tantra mantra is cast on it. In his hand is the magic tool of the Lama, and it is also the murder weapon of the enemy. With his martial arts training, he can operate five Faluns at the same time, so if it is based on martial arts, it should be called the "Five-round Falun". After five rounds of unification, it is a peerless weapon, Benevolence! Because the Renren wheel is a combination of five rounds, it is also known as the five rounds. When the Renren wheel is waving, due to the great power, it often attracts natural punishment, and the user will be threatened by thunder, so' Mo pretend, pretend to be struck by lightning, mo pretend to be pure, pretend to be pure Renren wheel! 'As Kim Il Sung was killed, Bei Renlun disappeared.