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"Song of the Grass Mud Horse""' is a popular online song Crude, the lyrics describe the " Grass Mud Horse at the beginning of Internet Beast . There are three versions of this song, namely "'Male version, Female version"' and "'Children's version'", which is suitable for Village singing of different ages and genders.

Male version of lyrics[edit | edit source]

The broad Mal Gobi   magnificent scenery
The brave Chaoni people sing praise to you
How beautiful the handsome grass and mud horse
Always running towards the sunrise Directions
Hey~ Play a beautiful melody on horseback
A charming girl who is fascinated by her heart
Drunken in this Male Gobi

I was specially invited to Mal Gobi today.
There is a legend that there is a beautiful beast. They live here.
Living on the hillside is next to the home of the Chaoni family.
The eyes of melancholy seem to live. I'm always unhappy
Here I eat lying grass all year round.
The arid environment determines that there is not much rain here.
But the strong grass and mud horses live here.
Groups of makeup. This beautiful Malle Gobi
There are three kinds of grass mud horses here.
The adult who doesn’t know how to ride horses is the rice bucket.
The two horses in Chaoni are called crazy grass mud horses.
Only the most powerful tribal riders can Ride it
Hospitable Chao Ni received me twice.
We came to the ranch and everyone welcomed me around the campfire.
Sweet grass mud horse milk beautiful girl.
Handsome Chao Ni played piano to me twice. singing

Hey~Play a beautiful melody on the horseback
Guests from afar We wish you
Welcome to Male Gobi

Guests from afar, please listen to me.
Blessings to you come from my heart.
Sweet wine and the sweetness of horse milk.
Please visit this plain with my singing< br>Lush grass is everywhere here.
The pride of the sweet and juicy Male Gobi
Only it can nurture the grass and mud horses grow up
Because its scenery can be better than a painting
Lighted At the bonfire, Grandpa Dani played the matouqin
The Chony girl who can sing and dance is free and enthusiastic
Let’s party together
Let’s party together
Let’s sing songs with a tambourine together
I hope you will start to like it here.
Like this magnificent Mal Gobi
made of grass rings made of lying grass for you
Don’t forget to ride when you leave Mud horse on grass

(Nian: Chao Ni Ge this grass mud horse less and less wow?)
(Nian: Oh, that grass mud horse can only live by eating lying grass?)
(Nian: That lying grass is all Have you eaten the river crab?)
(Nian: What is the thing about the river crab?)
(Nian: Do you want to know? Boy, listen to me and sing, come to Le?)

I heard that it was supposed to grow.
It is the Mizi River on the bank of the silver track.
I don’t know why I came here.
Here I come here.Mal Gobi
It doesn’t work at all. It’s hard to pull it out of the grass.
It’s hard to kill with a hard shell.
What should I do if the grass is getting less grass?
What should I do if it’s beautiful
Hey~ on horseback I'm worrying about it
What should I do with a beautiful grass mud horse

Female Voice Version[edit | edit source]

(Nian Bai) A: Do you know what a grass mud horse is?
(Nian Bai) B: Hello! How can you scold others?
(Nianbai) A: How can I scold you, I am talking about grass mud horses not fucking your mother
(Nianbai) B: Look at you and come again...
(Nianbai) A: Mine God, I’m talking about grass mud horses, which is an animal. It’s very popular on the Internet now, do you want me to tell you?

Legend has it that there is a beautiful and lovely Mythical Beasts called grass mud horses.
They brave and strong live in a place called Malle Gobi.
There is an uncle Chaoni watching every day Growing up with them
The old face is always happy
There is also Jun Erlang named Chao Ni twice
He wrote an ancient article called Grass Mud Horse
He said that although it is arid The environment determines that the life of the grass mud horse is very difficult.
Although the lack of water is destined for the grass mud horse to not make a normal sound.
But the cute grass mud horse eats the only lying grass on the Malle Gobi.
The tenacious vitality makes us for the grass mud horse. Hail again and again

Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
You are brave and strong
Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
We applaud for your pride
Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
Love grass grass mud horse
Grass mud horse, lovely grass mud horse
Grass mud horse on the Malego wall

The grass mud horses here are actually divided into three types.
Different types have different names.
The white one is called the white grass mud horse.
Maoer Xuebai is beautiful and tall.
The uncle Chaoni is called the wild grass mud horse.
>Only the most powerful tribal rider can ride it.
There is also a myth from ancient times.
That’s a story of love and love.

(Nian Bai) Wait, wait, does this horse also have love? Why haven't I heard of it?
(Nian Bai) Why are you like this? They haven't finished talking yet. Baidu That’s what it said, do you want to listen?
(Nian Bai) Well, you continue to say... you continue to say

They said there was a creature called Fak Squid on the bottom of the sea.
They looked like corn balls.
The ancestors of the Chaoni family like to call them corn Fak Squid.
Can eat them. Our lifelong pursuits

(Nian Bai) Cough, are you wrong? We are talking about the love of grass mud horses, what are you talking about now? What kind of corn balls, fak squid, corn fak squid, what does this have to do with the love of grass mud horses?
(Nian Bai) Why are you like this? I said that I haven’t finished speaking yet. Do you still want to listen? If you want to listen, don’t disturb me, OK?
Okay, I was wrong, I was wrong, you continue, you continue

One day, the eighteenth generation ancestor of the Chaoni family, Chaoni Pa
caught a Fake squid and wanted to eat it.
Suddenly rushed out of a grass mud horse to save it in a crisis
So Fake squid I fell in love with the grass mud horse on the Malle Gobi.
He also said that this life is not the grass mud horse.

Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
You are brave and strong
Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
I don’t want to marry you

Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
Grass mud horse loves lying grass
Grass mud horse, cute grass mud horse
My Fuck squid loves grass mud horse

Fake squid's singing attracted the attention of grass mud horses
Fake squid's true love opened the grass mud horse's atrium
They sang happily on the prairie of Malegobi
They sang sing ~sing sing ~sing sing ~

(Nian Bai) Ok, okay, don’t sing any more, you haven’t finished speaking yet, what kind of horse is the last kind of horse?
(Nian Bai) Why are you guys like this? They sing like this, and then they start to fall in love, and then they start MUA~MUA~, and then they have the crystallization of love, what do you guess it is called? first name?
(Nianbai) What's the name?
(Nianbai) They are called Fak mud horses, yes, they are called Fak mud horses...
Haha, Fak mud horses? Hmm... this breed is good, good...

Children’s Songs[edit | edit source]

In the wild and beautiful Mare Gobi
There are a group of grass and mud horses
They are lively and smart
They are naughty and sensitive
They live freely in that grass and mud horse Gobi
They are brave and brave to overcome their hardships Environment
Oh the grass mud horse of the lying trough
Oh the grass mud horse of the crazy trough
They defeated the river crab in order to prevent the grass from being eaten
The river crab disappeared from the grass mud horse Gobi