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Not to be confused with Piña Coladaburg, this song is sung to the tune of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville written by an Anonymous Musician.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Eatin' some rum cake

Beatin' my tubesteak

Just bought a vat of coconut oil

I know that it's dirty

But I'm over thirty

And I ain't got no woman to soil

Where are you?? You vixen!!!

Layin' around in Piña Coladatown

Searchin' for my fresh pineapple juice

Some people say those pink umbrellas are gay

But I know, they are kinda cute

Does that make me queer man?

I'll start to drink beer then

But I really like the flavor of fruit

Wait, that didn't sound right

20/20 hindsight

You know what I mean, I'm sure that you do

Layin' around in Piña Coladatown

Dreamin' about white Captain Morgan

Some people swear that Bacardi's the best

Either way, I put the good stuff in


I blew out my blender

On a forty day bender

That's just the way I celebrate Lent

You do what you want, guys

They're better than Mai Tais

Just thinkin' about 'em and I'm pitchin' a tent

Layin' around in Piña Coladatown

Wond'rin where my coconut went

Some people claim that there's a swallow to blame

I don't know, that's impossible man

Yeah, some people think that it's a woman's drink

I don't care, here's your two cents back - Here it is!

(Performer throws a handful of pennies at the audience)

Piña Coladaburg [1][edit | edit source]

They call me the mayor

'Cause I spend all my days here

You would too

If you knew what I know

Piña Coladaburg

Got a tropical treat

Sucked straight from the coconut's teat

When mixed just right

It makes your short hairs grow

Got a hole in my straw hat

Two tires on my jeep flat

Maybe today

I'll stay out of the sun

Pineapples are supposed to make your semen taste good, not that I would know.

Piña Coladaburg

But the ladies are flockin'

That means it time to start cockin'

That brain freeze nectar

That fills up my gun

Hoist in another glass

In Piña Coladaburg

Coconut milk with a pineapple splash

Dont forget that the rum comes third

Passed out flat on my ass

In Piña Coladaburg

Blood shot eyes and sore mustache

Now it tastes like piñata turds

Promised I'd take it slow

Down in Piña Coladaburg

Booze-soaked lava is starting to flow

Guess I'll have to break my word

Wet bikinis to my right

God bless Piña Coladaburg

Loud mouth soup makes my head feel light

Makes me feel like a dirty bird

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Damn these drinks are strong

Shouldn't have smoked that bong

Now I'm too drunk to sing this song

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Piña Coladaburg is a song by the character Coconut Pete (played by Bill Paxton) from the movie Club Dread by comedic troupe Broken Lizard.
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