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NACL by X95Qt

Act 1 Scene 1[edit | edit source]

"'NACL' has bean considered as a terrible addictive drug." Announced the news reporter.

At the same time, Ryan was in the library, studying for the SAT. Two of his friends, Jim and Winson, came to him.

Jim: "Wow, I don't even know you need to study for this! ain't you the best guy in our school?"

Ryan: "Well, I used to be great, but I'm not now, thanks to NACL."

Winson: "NACL?"

Ryan: "Well... Didn't you guys hear the news? NACL is TERRIBLE! it's AWFUL!! it's as evil as Wikipedia! It'll cause
brain cell extinction and dehydration and all that. In fact, it's also part of the plastic soup in Pacific Ocean!"

Winson: "But... I don't think it's all NACL's fault. You see, nobody could survive without NACL."

Ryan: "..."

Act 1 Scene 2[edit | edit source]

Ryan was back home.

Ryan: "Mom, what are you watching?"

Mother: "Well, another report has been published for just a few hours. It turned out that consume a ton of NACL at once is possible to improve study skills."

Ryan: "Are you Siri ous?"

Mother: "Why not?"

Act 2 Scene 1[edit | edit source]

On the next day, the three friends were altogether.

Jim: "...Eating NACL? Are you off your rocker?"

Ryan: "Yesterday my mom showed me another report, which is total opposite as you know. It can help improve studying skills..."

Winson: "You really believe your mom? She can just tweak the source code and trick you to make you nuts!!"

Ryan: "Well, no matter which experiment is risks are always exist. We can just give it a try..."(Opening the jar with a ton of NACL)

(Suddenly white smoke came out from the jar)

Unknown voice: "Howdy! it's me, your best friend...



Sodium chloride: "Back in those years, I did my best to make all people nuts and attempt to take over the world... and all your friends' memories, I'll make them all back to zero..."

Ryan: "I'll FIGHT YOU!"

Sodium chloride: "Haha... Okay then."(Attack)


Ryan: "I refuse(to die)."

(Sodium chloride made another attack)

Ryan: "I refuse."

(Another attack) Ryan: "I~~~~~~~~~~~ refuse."

(Another attack)Ryan: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!... ...

Sodium chloride: "What.....? Urgh. I'm enough of this... ..."

Act 2 scene 2[edit | edit source]

Sodium chloride is ready to enter its second phase as a monster.

Ryan: "Help! I can't move! Yaaaarghhhhhh... Ummmmmmmm....Errrrrrrrr....."

Sodium chloride: "Hahahahahah... This is your end..."

Ryan: "No! I'll save my friends!"

(With his determination, he escaped and saw all his friends lost their memories.)

Ryan: (To Ray)"I love your Unbooks..."

Ryan: (To Winson and Jim) "Here's a joke..." Winson & Jim: "OH, MY......!!!!!!!!"

Ryan: (To Eddie) "Anime is REAL~"

(Ryan smacked Henry with a bunch of smackers) Henry: "Aaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Now everyone went back to normal, and what Ryan's gonna do is...

Ryan: "Now I'll save YOU!"

Sodium chloride: "...What?"

Ryan: "I said, I'll SAVE YOU!"

Sodium chloride: "W...What are you gonna do?"

Ryan: "Saving you."

Sodium chloride: "N...no..."



(There was a big flash of light. It lit up the whole room! It went brighter, and brighter, and...)



Act 2 Scene 3[edit | edit source]

(Surprisingly, it turned out that the NACL monster thing is Ryan's brother, who was missing since a decade ago.)

Brother: "I... ...I'm sorry, and... I heard abt the NACL thing a long time ago, but I never thought about it will cause these..."

Ryan: "All right, bro. It's all over now. Cheer up and give me a hug."

(Ryan gave his brother a warm hug.)

Jim: "Well, there is still a lot of NACL remaining. Let's have them!" "Hooray!!"

(After they had an NACL party, however, NACL cause everybody's brain cells extinct, and eventually everybody became Teletubbies.)

Teletubbies: "Hello~ Hello~ Hello~~ ... ..."

The whole school became total chaos. Conclusion: NACL IS TOXIC!