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Welcome to another UnReviews and this is your fellow reviewer Mr-ex777. This time, we are going to review one of the worst digital nightmares known to humanity known as World's worst trolling attempt: an abomination unleashed. If you want to experience bullying, trolling and Rape by a game, this is it. If you want a competent fighting game, try MUGEN instead because this is clearly a MUGEN ripoff and you can play most characters in this game faggotry for free there.


So what is Abomination Unleashed, you say? Abomination Unleashed is a pathetic trolling attempt made by the Cracked.com "trolls" known as "GheymerGays" in order to attack the Indie gaming industry for the lulz. But as cracked.com is super-unfunny and GamerGate jokes stopped being funny since October, (And the only sites who are telling them is cracked.com and Encyclopedia Dramatica, which had every single one of their featured articles being GamerGate-related since somewhere in September. They no longer do it now. Anybody who tells gamergate jokes right now came from 1 BC.) You can see this is a massive pile of uncondensed fail threatening to lower anyone's IQ to 0 for playing it. What's worse, a Japanese troll known as "Gaiginga the Star" which is infamous for his card-destroying and time stalling bullshit in Duel Masters tournaments in Japan and has been disqualified completely in official tournaments, participated in this subhuman faggotry. And Duel Masters? has it not been discontinued? SERIOUSLY, no, it's second in popularity to Yu-Gi-Oh in japan. You read that right. And together they made a faggotry which is basically the same as superman 64 and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and the thing common in the three is they will make you insane. And Metacritic made a NEGATIVE RATING just for it, meaning that it is actually worse than Superman 64 and Big Rigs.

Our nightmare at this raw, uncondensed pile of faggotry[edit]

One of my friend's hacked twitters

This game is not only unplayable, but is the Worst form of faggotry that makes humanity cry with insanity. The gameplay is simple; It's a survival tournament with you defeating 10 characters. This is easier said than done, as you are given a character known as "Kung Fu Master" which is a sprite swap of the Mugen's Kung Fu man, but has his clothes blue in color. This character is super shite and meagerly defeats the first enemy and also the second or third. But to the fourth it is completely impossible as the character uses a move that has a bug that crashed the game and he almost always uses it right at the start. Therefore, i am forced to use the KO button but realized that it needs coins that cost 20 USD per 20000. Then it said my transaction was successful but my balance is still zero. Then i bought it once again and it worked. Then one of my friends attempted to contact Gheymergays with that but one day later his Youtube, Facebook and Twitter got hacked and his youtube uploaded videos which are 2girls1cup and have the title "I AM A GIGANTIC FAGGOT WHO FAILS AT CARD GAMES" as he is a magic the gathering player as well. These people should be arrested for raw, uncondensed faggotry.

Now back into the game i defeated the 4th guy but the 5th guy and 6th guy is literally impossible as most of their moves are near 1-shot and if i used a special move on the 5th guy which is obviously Gaiginga the star's avatar, he becomes un-hittable and will own you to oblivion. The 6th one is Ebola-Chan which has an attack that kills you instantly after 30 seconds and also another one that instant KOes. After at least 6 to 7 continues i defeated them which is insane.

Speaking of this aside, The controls are so unresponsive that it makes me feel like moving a 5 ton rock and ALL of the special moves in this game have a 5 second delay so if you would be using strategy, timing, and special moves, and play like a sane person playing a sane fighting game, you will be sucked into the whirlpool of insanity and will have your brain anally raped.

This is what we felt like after defeating the final boss.

Now to the 4 bosses, these guys are insane and we found out that they are completely impossible without the KO button and you MUST be quick or they will KO you before you can click it. The first boss is Remillia and Flandre from touhou which everybody knows they will melt your mind just by looking at them across the computer and they look just like their typical MUGEN character counterparts. But Aside of that they are absolutely Insane as they use the EXACT SAME moves from their original games without any adjustment, creating an absurdly insane character that reverses your EQ and IQ to negative. And the worst thing is, they fly above and kung fu master can jump exactly that high but he will be killed before he can go up close as all of their attacks are near instant KO. Not even a continue can save you from this. Then the next boss is Chuck Norris from MUGEN, and as soon as the word fight appears the screen explodes and the next thing i knew is i am KOed. Then i found an encounter with him not using his OHKO moves right at the start only to find him having no hitboxes and i got KOed by his missile stunlocks. I thought the third would be better but NO. The first form is okay as kung fu master is shite, but i heard of my friend using ebola-chan and he got owned. The second form is just insane. He does damage just by touching you and does over half damage worth of your HP bar. And this happens even when you kick or punch him, so i realized that THIS BOSS IS IMPOSSIBLE USING KUNG FU MASTER. Then after 100000 plus coins or 240 USD spent on coins, we went to the true form of faggotry only to see "Ready Fight, K.O.". THE HELL???????? This is just insane! Even EA won't do that. Then after 10 minutes of googling, i realized this boss is impossible to kill without using the continue button. Then i continued then it started to unleash it's screen wide bullshit against me and it K.O.ed me in less than 2 seconds. Finally, i used the KO button and there's an additional 30000 coins or 100 USD down the pool.

340 USD is used to complete a review of this game and this is just subhuman to no end. I feel like being gang raped in a prison and having a video of that posted on youtube. This is just violation and no sane person should play it.

But wait, there's more!

Then somebody found a multiplayer mode which we can fight with other people. However, connecting in a lobby takes forever and it also fails 90% of the time with this message:

Then we eventually tried up to 3 hours over and over, each time loading up to 30 minutes ending up with the same message. Then a miracle happened; we finally connected it. But as soon as we do a special move the game crashes and we realized that it is absolutely hopeless. There are also premium characters but i heard that the micro-transactions won't work 50% of the time and they get money while you get nothing. Even EA won't create such raw, uncondensed faggotry; This is clearly worse than Big Rigs and Big Rigs does not scam you out of your money. Therefore, it is actually worse than big rigs.


The end.

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