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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing: some say that it's one of the worst video games ever made, with its supposed poor graphics, and its inexcusable flaws... but I say it's one of the best video games ever made. In fact, it may even be a hidden classic and I'm going to tell you why.


When you first load up the game, you get a sense of what it's going to be like. The menu screams out "I am a trucking game and I am as trucker as they come", what with its checkered flags overlayed on the background as well as the expressant blur and the blue colors and when you load up your first race, that's when the trucker mentalities come up; you got a speed meter that's just like an actual speed meter on a truck, you get a blinged out timer and if that isn't enough, even the trucks themselves screamed trucker mentality. This is an exceptional way to convey to gamers what this game is going to be like, there is nothing that deceives the gamer in anyway and in a sort of subtle manner, promises that this game is going to be awesome as fuck.


Look ma, no ground!

The gameplay in this has got to be the most innovative shit ever; from the first decade, we've seen video games try to give the player an element of freedom whether it's through an open world or a variety of weapons. With this game however, it gives the player the most freedom they want to do anything they want to do. The conceit of this may be a racing game but there is so much more to this game than meats the eye, you can drive up extremely steep hills, you can go through buildings, you can even reverse quickly at speeds not known to mankind.

This is what a game is supposed to be like, a fuck you to whoever thinks they shouldn't think outside the box. More games need to branch out like Big Rigs does and remove stupid limitations such as invisible walls and realistic physics, that way the player can have the most fun they've ever had in their life and the developers won't feel saddened that their work was done for nothing. I commend Big Rigs for not being bound by common sense, I really had fun driving the car and doing what the fuck I wanted; unlike that competitor truck that wouldn't even move, I'm guessing he's a bit afraid of the open world and I like the reward that you get just by playing the game, that "You are Winner" and you can do the impossible.


Fuck you building!

The graphics in this game are almost lifelike; if you held up a photo of real life up to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing than I am sure no one will notice the difference. The textures are all crisp and detailed, I could instantly tell what they were going for when they were making the game and they really fit the theme well, the grass is grassy, the mountains are snowy and the dirt roads are easy to decipher and laid out in a fun way. The buildings are also ridiculously detailed, it's like these game developers didn't stop until they got the necessary amount of detail that they wanted; looking at these buildings, it's almost like a piece of art.

But the environment itself doesn't make a game, the trucks make the game and I have to say; I am amazingly impressed. They did everything they can to replicate the trucks like real life while still maintaining that trucker attitude. You've got your doors, you've got your grill, you even got the small details on the back; and they look good in motion as they do standing still, with the lush movement on dirt mesmerizing even the most perverse of players. If only these truckers could play the game for themselves, they might be saying, "Wow, this game totally gets us; I mean look at these trucks, they're amazing." And yes, I have seen tail lights like that; they float that way for safety purposes, so that cars don't get to close to the truck.

Sound design[edit]

Quote1.png I swear, I had my speakers plugged in the entire time. Quote2.png

Have you ever been a truck and noticed that things are eerily silent, well that's the way things are supposed to be and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is exceptional in maintaining this tradition. I checked to see if the speakers were plugged in, they were and no sound was coming out. For a game to produce no sound, this is amazing as it means that this game is devoted to portraying the most realistic and balanced image of trucking there is. I don't want to be hearing unnecessary sounds such as those coming from the engine and the screeching, that just distracts people and makes what is supposed to be a realistic a fake one.


In short. This. Is. The. Best. Game. EVER! I'm amazed at how poorly received this has been; it has a premise that should equal instant bestseller. The game's world is truly open (unlike some other games that I know), the graphics grab you in with their realism, the music will make your head nod and the entire game will have you in a grasp that you can't break from unless you play this damn game. I definitely had fun playing the game, so why are you people giving this game bad reviews? Is it possible that you hate trucking, it must be it because there's no real reason to hate this game; you can even drive through fucking buildings for God's sake. Regardless of what anybody tells you, you should buy this game; if they tell you no then they shouldn't even be on the same planet as you. Seriously, a masterpiece on all levels.

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