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18 April 2007

A co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales and logo mark of Wikipedia

TOKYO, Japan-- During a recent project, Japanese researchers discovered a subliminal message concealed in popular website Wikipedia.

It began as simply a rumour started my an anonymous Japanese user of the website, qouted as saying, "Why is the wallpaper of Wikipedia such a pattern? Possibly, some subliminal message might be concealed in it!" Many were skeptical of this, citing the rumour's blatant lack of proof and that fact that Wikipedia has never done anything malicious. In retaliation, the Japanese user and several others created a research team because Asians are so damned efficient in that way.

Only three hours later, the researchers discovered reliable evidence of a subliminal message concealed in the wallpaper of Wikipedia. Their research report is as follows:


It seems a opened hardcover book on the first inspection. However, if you pay attention to the wallpaper's detail, you can see another thing. First of all, let's see the back cover in the left end. You must notice that back cover has been unnaturally distorted, just alike to S.

Next, let's move eyes to the right of S. Many pages make a radial pattern. However, can you notice there is an unnatural point in this pattern? Yes! The spaces between each page are arranging three heavy lines, as it were E.

Finally, see the right edge of the wallpaper. Perhaps, you can see ink prints for the index on the edges of pages. However, why are they arranged in such shape? It is not seen in things other than X!

WikiWallpaper sex.jpg

What word can you discover when you read the alphabets from the left? Of course, SEX, needless to say! If you noticed it once, you cannot disregard this discovery any longer. Let us spread the word; "Wikipaedian administrators are not asexual twats!"

It is now widely believed that whoever browsing Wikipedia always has the word "SEX" imprinted on their brains without their knowledge. According to the theory, the new burst of sex articles ([1] [2] [3]) in Wikipedia is caused by this subliminal message. This phenomenon is rumoured to have leaked onto other websites as well, although no evidence has been brought forward.

Except for this.


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