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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The newly discovered "classical" version of Sophia. It's covered with graffiti drawn by the so-called specialists back around 2001 - 2003.

A group of archaeologists studying Uncyclopedia has found out that Sophia, our grand potato you can see on the top-left of any mainspace pages, has been existent even before Uncyclopedia ever existed.

It wasn't found until the newly lead thorough research regarding her, and the report of existence has surprised most of the oldest Uncyclopedians including Oscar Wilde and Grue. None of them have made comments so far.

"The funniest thing was that it didn't look like puzzle or potato at all," said one of the archaeologist team from Tokyo to our interview.

"We didn't even guess that her existence could get back as far as 2001, the very year Wikipedia started. It's well known that Encyclopedia Dramatica started on 2004 and Uncyclopedia 2005. Our common sense tells us that logos will come later than the wikis, but being a parody of Wikipedia, it looks like Sophia has been the one and only exception."

The discovered classical version of Sophia was covered with graffiti drawn by the most humorous part of Wikipedians back then, who, archaeologists believe, had been the first Uncyclopedians after she created the wiki with our known founders. The impact of this discovery among archaeologists is huge enough to modify there hypotheses that Sophia will act as potato rather than being a parody, and that she is younger than Uncyclopedia.

"It looks like Sophia doesn't care very much of being a potato. After all, something most important for her and Uncyclopedia is to stick to be a parody of Wikipedia."

However, Sophia herself told our reporters, "You shouldn't worry about me and try to create funny articles rather than being stupid to ask me lol." So... I guess that's it.