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19 October 2006

I would have deleted this as crap, but there was a person in my barracks days we affectionately referred to at "The Mad Shitter". So I'm being both sentimental and holding up the rest of this ridiculous waste of stored bytes, which somebody wrote, and is after this section (if you're the idiot who wrote this shit, you probably need instructions to wipe the accuumulated snot and drool from yoiur chin). Rather than delete, or humiliate by means of NRV, I leave the rest of this article as is, so millions of people will see how stupid you are. So to you, the idiot, I leave below in larger letters the words "Original article below, stupid".OK, I've gotten that out of my system Anyway...

It seems this innocuous, unidentified douche bag was probably so drunk, he didn't realize he'd shit in the shower stall. The alternative theory, that some disgusting fuck stain was deliberately shitting in unauthorized locations as a means of revenge against certain personnel who had latrine duty during a week of "Mad Shitter" strikes.

Original article below, stupid[edit | edit source]

Early this morning, an American man named John Martizan, discovered a floating terd in his sink. "I was completely discusted and I wish that the police would find this "Mad Shitter"". Claimed Martizan. Police have yet to find the culprit, but many people in John's neighborhood said, "He had it coming." In other words, no one cares.

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  • "[ ]" ', Mmmmm DD, YYYY
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Notice, the idiot left the "Sources" templates blank, rather than deleting or using them properly. What an ass wipe!

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