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List of celebrities commonly rescued by time travelers[edit]

Thought about putting this list in, but I wonder if it's too crufty....maybe a reference to such a list, naming a few of those, would be a good idea. 07:05, 26 October 2007 (UTC)

Dear Lord, no. There's nothing particularly funny on that list. Elvis? Oscar Wilde? Your mom? And who the hell put a Chuck Norris reference into the article?  Sir Skullthumper, MD (criticize  writings  critchat) 00:08 Oct 27, 2007

___________________ HOW TO Time Travel: Take a 747 plane and go at Maxium speed from WT to ET traveling est. for 10 minutes. ___________________

Nothing from the original "Time travel" article survived the purge merge, huh? Boo.
No, screw you. It was definitely a purge.

Very funny artice. thnx

Modern Methods of Time Traveling[edit]

up until the early 90s, It was believed that machines were required to travel through time. However, recent studies show that the true method of time traveling is by closing your eyes, and truly believing with all of your heart that it's possible. This method works by telling the Time Keepers (that live just outside of the Universe) that people request time's temperature to drop below 0, meaning that the temperature will be at least -1 or less. If this happens, the sprites in the realm of time will instead see -1 as "take away one year" and so, the sprites will rewind time by one year (or by what ever minus number the temperature dropped to). Although probably the easiest method of time traveling, there are still a few flaws associated with this technique, for example, The time period that you will be sent to will be random as the temperature will drop to a number of the Time Keeper's choice.